Kin Long Company has successfully developed another creation of the big-inch cable below φ100mm

The company developed the big-inch cable below φ100mm successfully, under the joint effort after the development of the one of φ65mm which firstly used for the project “GUANGZHOU BAIYUN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” last year.

The cable φ90mm was used for the project “BEIJING SINOPEC” and was constructed by Zhongshan Shengxing Curtain Wall Company. Kin Long has got down to the work of technical backup service in 2006, and been appointed as the supplier of main fittings of the project in August this year responsible for completing the order before Sep10.

The cables are mainly used for canopy, which requires that one cable φ90mm hangs up and supports other cables (φ36mm~φ40mm). And the cable hanging form is of a curved shape. The parts of the canopy under the heaviest load are the big-inch cables φ90mm while the sphere shaped spacers are used for the cable. Such a heavyweight spacer is φ675mm, 135mm in thickness, 300kg in weight. It is also the stainless steel casting which has the maximum diameter in China at present. Difficulties emerge in an endless stream in the working procedures from casting to processing. The degree of processing difficulty in each working procedure is very high from twisting to others of the production of cable φ90mm.

Kin Long was appointed to manufacture the cable by the owner, the designing institute and Shengxing Curtain Wall Company, which amply proved their confidence in our great production ability; and it also proved that our manufacturing technique gradually come to maturity and the production capacity is increasing on and on. It also brings in new orders of nonstandard connectors attached with the cable, stainless steel rods φ80mm and rhombic lockers and some other fittings due to the advantages of the cable in the project.

It is reported that Kin Long is the first manufacturer in the fields of the big-inch stainless steel cable φ90mm who can twist and process it independently. It is the pride of all of us, and it is worthy of priding for every staff in Kin Long. The birth of the stainless steel cable φ90mm marked the technology leadership we acquired in the fields of stainless steel cable used for glass curtain wall.   

600450 Kin Long Company has successfully developed another creation of the big-inch cable below φ100mm

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