Italian Glassworking Machinery Gains Momentum

On July 20, the Gimav Board (Italian Association of Glassworking Machinery and Accessories Suppliers) approved the official 2010 figures for the industry, which reflected an overall growth for all the indicators.

Exports (+5.58% versus 2009) show that the sector is making up for lost ground, especially as a result of demand from Europe and Asia, with China ranking first among the export markets for Italian goods. In just a few years, the markets of Italian companies in the industry have changed with Asia and Latin America growing significantly as they are the countries offering greater prospects for development. Dino Fenzi, President of Gimav, gave a snapshot of exports by the industry: "The great driving force of the new markets, headed by China, has been decisive in the vigorous pickup in exports. Europe still remains very important in percentage terms, but its importance is faltering, as is all of the western European manufacturing sector, apart from some niches of excellence. This is a long-term trend and a better balance needs to struck achieved for the health of the European industry."

In 2010, the only segments of the Italian economy with a positive trade balance were furniture and clothing (+22.5 billion Euros) and machinery and mechanical equipment (+37.7 billion), proof that the machinery sector is more dynamic than the economy overall. This trend has been confirmed by the industry of glassworking machinery, accessories and special products, as Gimav Director Renata Gaffo pointed out: “The growth process is well underway and we can say the turnaround in the trend versus the very difficult past 2 years has already kicked in. The glass sector is definitely by nature one of the last rings in the production chain: when considering the two main consumption markets, buildings and furniture, we know that purchases of glass for windows, doors and interiors are decided on once the buildings has been completed or sold. This fact, added to the continuing situation of ups and downs in the market and the credit crunch, means that for our sector the difficulties suffered in 2008 and 2009 were concentrated in 2009, and with a slower and weaker recovery in 2010."

Although the market is an alternation of very buoyant activity and stagnant demand and despite the fact that the sector is still far from returning to its record 2008 growth rates, Gimav confirmed positive results for first semester 2011 as well.

Working together with leading international and local institutions to become an important contact for businessmen overseas, is one of Gimav’s main activities. The Association has now decided to give even more impetus to this commitment also because of the rapidly changing scenario. As Dino Fenzi once again pointed out: "Gimav has become stronger over the years and is accustomed to working out its marketing strategies entirely on its own. Teaming up with an office like ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade) was obviously of great help, but I don’t think that not having this in the short term will cause any major difficulties. On the other hand, I am convinced that six or twelve months from now these functions will be restored, in a different and more streamlined way to fit in better with real modern-day needs, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development. There was a need for a reorganization, now it will be possible to plan an agency that will be involved in marketing for the good of the country using more updated criteria."


Established in 1980 by a small group of businessmen, GIMAV -- the Association of Italian manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, accessories and special products for glass processing – is recognized today as a guiding force for the entire glass processing industry in Italy and abroad. Its underlying goals include safeguarding the best interests of the industry, fostering the growth and expansion of its business culture, and carrying out activities that boost and support promotion of Italian processed glass products around the globe. As a member of Confindustria, Federvarie and Federmacchine, in over 30 years of business activity, GIMAV has considerably strengthened its representative presence throughout the industry’s entire supply chain. The sales volume of GIMAV member companies makes up more than 70% of the overall turnover of Italian manufacturers of machinery, accessories and special glass-processing products. The value and reliability of the Association’s core initiatives are evidenced by the exceptionally high level of member loyalty and constant growth of the membership base over the years. GIMAV’s initial, founding members have been joined by some of the industry’s giants, but the true ‘face’ of the industry is represented by the small and medium-sized businesses which form the backbone of the industry. Recognizing the importance of each member nurtures mutual respect and gives everyone the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Association’s strategic and management decisions -- a philosophy that has forged a cohesive group capable of exercising strong international influence, known and respected worldwide.

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600450 Italian Glassworking Machinery Gains Momentum
Date: 15 September 2011
Source: Il filo rosso Solera & associati

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