Interpane at Bau 2011

At the BAU 2011 (hall C2, stand 329), Interpane presented the new triple insulation glazing iplus 3LS with top transmittance values: A solar factor of 63 per cent and a light transmittance of 74 per cent.

In terms of appearance, the “super warm glazing” features excellent colour neutrality (Ra,D = 98-99). The manufacturer also showed a prototype of a triple glazing with the new “ipadry” coating that protects against outside condensation.

Windows with modern triple insulation glazing are becoming the standard for energy-efficient houses. They insulate almost as good as a solid wall, but also let precious passive solar energy gains as well as light into the house. The new “super warm glazing” iplus 3LS by Interpane now uses solar transmission even more efficiently than before and produces high solar energy gains during the heating period and the transitional periods. With the help of new functional coatings, the glazing with a thermal insulation value (Ug) of 0.7 W/m2K (with argon filling) features a solar factor of up to 63 per cent and a light transmittance (tL) of up to 74 per cent. While the warming solar radiation passes through the glass quite unobstructed, the “return path” for the thermal heat is mostly blocked off. This also increases one’s living comfort: even on cold winter days, the temperature on the glass surface inside the room will nearly be the same as the room temperature, thereby eliminating the “cold touch” that still exists with ordinary insulation glazing.

New ipadry coating reduces outside condensation

The better the thermal insulation of a triple super warm glazing, the more likely it is that condensation with form on the outside of the glazing in the case of high humidity or in the morning hours. This condensation is normal since the heat from the inside no longer reaches the outside of the window pane. It remains cold. As the morning sun warms up the air, a little condensation will appear on the glazing, just like the morning dew on the grass that is still cold from the night. For a clear view, Interpane just developed ipadry, a coating on the outer pane that reduces condensation.

The new “super warm glazing” iplus 3LS by Interpane effectively uses the sun for solar energy gains.

Photo: Interpane

Light and bright in spite of solar protection

ipasol product line extended: High light transmittance, low solar factor

At the BAU 2011 (hall C2, stand 329), Interpane presented innovations and optimised glazing products. Two of the innovations are part of the ipasol solar control glazing line. The manufacturer showed a pilot study with a new triple silver coating. This coating provides the glazing with excellent selectivity. Although the light transmittance is relatively high at 63 per cent (for ipasol 63/29), the glazing achieves an extremely low solar factor of just 29 per cent. Another innovation is “ipasol neutral 72/41 T”, a base glass, which processors can cut and temper themselves. This way, insulation glazing manufacturers, with their own production of toughened safety glass or heat-strengthened glass, will be able to deliver at short notice. Architects and planners all over the world use ipasol solar control glazing to realise extraordinary object architecture with trendsetting energy properties, high transparency, and impressive appearance. Current examples include Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and the energetically renovated Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

ipasol neutral solar control glass in the flowing facade of the “7 more London”. 

Photo: seele GmbH

ipasafe with SentryGlas

At the BAU 2011 (hall C2, stand 329), Interpane presented innovations and optimised glazing products, also in the field of safety: ipasafe safety glazing with SentryGlas laminated glass interlayers. They provide more than 100 times higher rigidity than the conventionally used polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The already extensive application possibilities of laminated safety glass are thus increased even further. It is possible to produce thinner, larger and, at the same time, lighter elements. The laminated safety glazing features a higher load capacity and residual strength as well as improved edge stability.

Glass design for inside and outside

At the BAU 2011 (hall C2, stand 329), Interpane presented innovations and optimised glazing products – also for design purposes. The company showed the entire spectrum of design glazing, among them ipachrome, which is applied using a vacuum sputter process. This chromium based coating was, for example, used to finish off the approximately 10,000 square metres of solar control glazing used for the roof of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The ceramic digital print (ipadecor K) is used to apply designs to large glass areas. These images are then baked in, which makes them light- and scratch-resistant. Photolaminate (ipadecor P) give the oversize slides and foil behind glass their brilliance. The switchable ipaview CF glazing is used for its functionality: It turns opaque at the push of a button. This way, it can be used as a screen to provide privacy or as a display by means of rear projection. Design sand blasting can be used to apply even delicate designs and writing onto glass.

The delicate decor of the impressive facade of the John Lewis Department Store in Leicester – designed using the ipachrome design.

Photo: Interpane

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