The innovation of bifold doors

The innovation of bifold doors
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Aluminium bifolds already can make use of a motorised system within their frame, with integrated blind systems already going down a treat with homeowners.

During our 13 years experience fabricating and supplying aluminium bifold doors to the trade, we’ve become quite accustomed to adapting and evolving not only with our customer base, but with technology too!

As convenience becomes a key factor for the modern day homeowner, it’s obvious to us that bifold doors have the potential to be a key part, requiring us to consistently innovate and keep up to date with trends to better pass this knowledge onto you.


Bifold doors – A key addition to any ‘Smart home’

Despite our range of aluminium bifold doors already offering many benefits to the end user in the form of slim sightlines, smooth sliding action, and wide open views, in just a few years time it’s highly likely that we’ll be integrating technology within our products like never before.

In order to ensure aluminium bifolds find their correct place within the future concept of a ‘smart home’, they’ll innovate to be connected much like other furniture and appliances around the home.

Aluminium has continued to dominate the home improvement industry for the past couple of years so it makes for them to evolve with the increasing needs of the homeowner.

The UK Department of Trade and Industry defines a smart home as: “A dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.”

It won’t be too long before bifold are expected to follow suit!


Motorised bifold doors – The ultimate convenience?

Aluminium bifolds already can make use of a motorised system within their frame, with integrated blind systems already going down a treat with homeowners.

Whereas previously people would be required to leave their position of comfort in order to adjust their blinds, one flick of a switch acts as the ultimate in convenience and the same can be said for the bifolds themselves.

Take the smooth sliding and neat stacking advantages already present within our existing range of products, and this is amplified tenfold when installed in motorised form.

What’s more, when this eventuality ultimately does arrive its effects on installers will be relatively minor.

These proposed motorised bifolds will be engineered by us in-house to the same level of quality and efficiency, maintaining convenience for both you and your customers.


Increasing demand requires improved manufacturing techniques

Of course as history tells us, such a large shakeup to the bifold door formula will only lead to increased demand from the homeowners, being great for all our trade partners.

It’s in this aspect that new investments made by the team here at TWR will help you keep up with this demand, already having opened a second manufacturing facility in Peterlee!

600450 The innovation of bifold doors

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