Indiana Glass Later Patterns At Cat Lady Kate’s Glass

Indiana collectible patterns from the 1940s through the 80s include Teardrop, Oleander, Christmas Candy, Diamond Point and Wild Rose.

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Double Fleur De Lis is a gorgeous elegant glass pattern that sometimes is confused with Fostoria’s Baroque. It combines fleur de lis around the inside center with elongated fleur de lis molded on the outside around the rim. The rims may be scalloped. You can find this with different cuttings, including a simple spray floral and a more elaborate flower cut. We’ve had Double Fleur De Lis in a footed console bowl, a flat bowl, a 3-piece mayonnaise set and a torte plate. Our torte plate in the photo has a basket and flower design in encrusted silver and is a wonderful piece of glass. Indiana made this about 1950.

Indiana Glass made several well-known Depression glass patterns and later sold older reproduction patterns through the Tiara party plan. Besides these, Indiana made several attractive collectible patterns from the 1940s through the 80s plus re-issued older designs in new colors including Teardrop, Oleander, Christmas Candy, Diamond Point and Pretzel. Indiana also made less-well known patterns that are very appealing such as Double Fleur de Lis.

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600450 Indiana Glass Later Patterns At Cat Lady Kate’s Glass

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