Guardian Announces Advanced Glazings AIA/CES Course

Date: 7 February 2013

Guardian SunGuard is educating architects on high performance glass and advanced glazing products with the launch of its newest AIA/CES course, Windows on Sustainability: Advanced Glazings Help Buildings Achieve Net-Zero Envelopes.

Windows on Sustainability discusses the importance of energy-efficient construction, explores a range of existing and emerging technologies designed to enhance the performance of glazing systems, investigates the economics of advanced glazing solutions, and delivers an overview of the road to net-zero energy buildings.The objectives of the presentation are to:

· Understand the importance of achieving energy efficiency in building design.


· Be aware of codes and standards associated with sustainable and energy-efficient construction.


· Be familiar with the performance characteristics of today’s high performance low-E glazings.


· Understand the basis of electrochromic and building integrated photovoltaics and how they can help buildings achieve net-zero energy consumption.

This course provides a great opportunity for architecture firms to arm themselves with current net zero information, helping them not only participate but lead the conversation about the latest in building envelopes.

Windows on Sustainability is co-sponsored by Guardian’s advanced glazing partners, including View, a leader in electrochromic technology, and BISEM, a glazier contractor specializing in the installation of advance glazing products. The free course is eligible for one AIA-CEU credit, and is available through Guardian’s partnership with Architectural Record magazine and publisher McGraw-Hill.

To take the course, visit Windows on Sustainability. Guardian SunGuard also offers a lunch and learn presentation on Advanced Glazings. For more information on this and Guardian’s other AIA CEU programs, contact Lin Richard at 734-654-4380 or; or visit SunGuard AIA/CES Registered Training and Education Programs.

600450 Guardian Announces Advanced Glazings AIA/CES Course

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