GMC Joins Forces With GMR

With almost ten years of activity in the buying and selling of used equipment, GMC has joined forces with another company of its market sector - GMR.

This important step was taken to improve and increase its potential even further thanks to the combination of the two companies' abilities. GMC takes care of the acquisition of the used machinery and GMR dismantles, stores, and repairs and reconditions the machines ready for sale.

Set up by Johan Coenen in August 1997 and with its head offices in Maastricht, the Netherlands, GMC's (Glass Market Consultancy) main business is buying and selling used glass processing equipment. A while ago, Johan Coenen decided to join forces with GMR (Glass Machinery Reconditioners), Maasmechelen, Belgium, only a stone's throw away from Maastricht. It is still GMC who acquires the machinery under a variety of circumstances. A company may seek to sell a surplus machine; a manufacturer or sales representative may be closing out a particular model, or a factory closure may result in GMC being offered an entire line or machinery park.This way GMC has been able to build up an impressive fleet of used machinery, covering a broad range of flat glass pre-processing and processing technology. This equipment is offered worldwide.

GMR comes in to the game when GMC has carried out the buying of the glass machinery. GMR's responsibilities are to:

• dismantle the machines;

• store the machines in its warehouses, either in Belgium, Germany or Romania;

• repair and recondition under five different condition categories:

1. "As Is" - The machine is sold in the same condition in which it was purchased by GMR. This may suit companies with a low budget who prefer to do reconditioning or necessary repairs themselves. No warranty is provided;

2. "As Inspected" - GMR ascertains what work, in its opinion, is necessary to make the machine fully operational. Potential buyers are provided with an inspection report to help them assess their potential overall costs. No warranty is provided;

3. "Working Order" - The most frequently requested condition. The client can be assured the machine is in working order. GMR will, in addition, make recommendations for any anticipated future maintenance and repair. No warranty is provided;

4. "Technically Reconditioned" - Also a very popular choice of GMR customers. GMR carries out a full inspection, runs the machine and makes the necessary repairs to parts or systems. It is not repainted or completely

disassembled and rebuilt.A GMR warranty is provided;

5. "Fully Reconditioned" - GMR disassembles, repairs, reconditions, and re-assembles the machine. A full "new machine" warranty is provided. With the occasional exception of some 'as is' equipment, GMR will always provide the manuals and/or software needed for operation.

• install the machinery at the customer's workshop, no matter whether it concerns individual machines or complete production lines;

• offer excellent after-sales service options. Spare parts are provided, service questions answered and warranty service performed on its fully reconditioned machines. To GMR it is extremely important that when a machine is sold the customer knows exactly what he is buying in order to avoid misunderstandings, particularly with 'as is' machines. Most buyers first come to see the machines, something GMR obviously prefers. Visitors to the GMR website will find equipment, currently around 400 machines, ordered by category (cutting, edging, bevelling, drilling, washing, coating, insulating glass, laminating, tempering, handling, others) and with details of manufacturer, model, function, year of production, condition and delivery time. Clicking on a photo icon will enable the visitor to view the machine and get more information.

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