Glasstec 2006

Date: 27 November 2006
The participation at the GLASSTEC 2006 was again very successful for the TAMPOPRINT AG! Since the market has done a large step forward after the GLASSTEC 2004 in the range of glass decoration, TAMPOPRINT AG - as an expert in the machine construction for printing machines which are also suitable for the decoration and finishing of glass - could proudly present its 2 machines with the respective process engineering to a broad specialist audience.

We have demonstrated the industrial inkjet flat bed printer “DMD EP-1600K” which was equipped with a new ink, specially developed for the glass industry, and the also new CO2 laser “X-Y/140120/SH Engraving” with a special process for laser marking of glass.

Both machines could convince not only with the technical conditions but also with the complete process engineering which is supplied by TAMPOPRINT AG together with the machines. For example, with the “DMD EP-1600K” not only glass panes will be printed but by means of a complete process laminated safety glass will be made from the toughened safety glass panes after printing. For this purpose TAMPOPRINT AG has already applied for the certification, i.e. approval by the building authorities. With the complete know-how it is possible to make high-quality finishing with photo-realistic motifs of float glass panes as well as of toughened safety glass panes by means of digital inkjet print, to further process the panes to laminated safety glass and then to use this laminated safety glass also in the building industry, i.e. for buildings and architecture. These possibilities were of great interest for all visitors since the customers are asking the glass manufacturers, glass finishing companies, manufacturers of glass doors, kitchen suppliers, architects as well as interior designers and building contractors more and more for the very same possibilities which were presented by TAMPOPRINT AG. There was at least the same interest for the laser marking of the glass surface. This process is also a new development by TAMPOPRINT AG. The advantages are obvious: For the high-quality decoration of glass surfaces only the etching process or sandblasting process were known so far. However, both technologies need masks and this means that the smallerthe contours are the more expensive and complicated the process will be. In addition, with both technologies grey gradation could be realized only with difficulties up to now.  And here is the clear advantage of the laser: By means of a software which was developed by TAMPOPRINT AG the pixel graphics (grey gradation picture) will be imported and then laser marked on the glass surface with special parameters. This means that no large set-up times or set-up costs will arise since any kinds of designs or grey gradation pictures can be lasered directly from the software on the toughened safety glass pane. This year’s conclusion for TAMPOPRINT AG is that the mostly international audience was very interested in both technologies or processes at the GLASSTEC show since there was nothing comparable with them. There were many interesting contacts with companies which cover the complete spectrum of the TAMPOPRINT AG. We had inquiries from various industrial fields and we could offer a complete solution to almost all of them. The participation at the next GLASSTEC is a MUST for the TAMPOPRINT AG since the glass industry is waiting for further promising developments from our company. Trade names of the TAMPOPRINT® AG: DMD®, ALFALAS®, TAMPOPRINT®

DMD EP 1600 K,

Flat bed inkjet printing system for the direct printing on rigid materials

(up to 2500 x 1600 mm), up to 150 kg loading capacity.

600450 Glasstec 2006
Date: 27 November 2006

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