GLASSROBOTS OY - A highly specialised supplier of safety glass technology to the architectural and automotive industry

Date: 12 October 2004
Hall 13 / Stand D40ProductsFor production of architectural glass:• Multiconvection flat tempering machine, RoboTemp™• Flat laminating lines for flexible, mixed production• Rainbowmaker TSF™ bending & tempering systems for short series of annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered glass, also spherical shapes• Individual bending furnaces (type IBF, MBF, LTF) for annealed and laminated glass.• Plant lay-out design, know-how, installation and commissioning, training of operators, maintenance & after sales services.For production of automotive glass:• Windshield bending furnaces, type TFA 3evo FuzzyBend™• Large bending furnaces for bus and special vehicle windshields, type LTFBA • Vacuum de-airing and assembling conveyors for mixed production, both for windshields and side lites• AutoclavesGlassrobots is known as a highly specialised supplier of safety glass technology to the architectural and automotive industry. Our strength is both in machines for short runs in specialised applications, such as special windshields for the ARG market as well as in the demanding technology for the long runs of the OEM industry. In the architectural glass technology we supply lines and furnaces for curved and flat construction glass, laminated and tempered. We add value to our customer’s business by supplying systems where the machine delivery comes with extensive training programmes, effective technical support and reliable after-sales services.Glassrobots’ newly introduced flat tempering system RoboTemp™ is an interesting new design that combines the advantages of true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces.

The advanced design offers important new benefits to glass processors aiming to boost productivity and to achieve the best possible quality of production.

• Tempering of special coated glasses – Using convection heating, coated glasses can be tempered virtually at the same rate as clear glass.
• Increased productivity – Up to 50% increase on clear glass and 100% on soft-coated glasses over conventional electric radiation heated furnaces.
• Superior optical quality – The furnace can operate at a lower system temperature with a more rapid processing time meaning that the glass spends less time on the system’s rollers.
• Flexible production – Mixed production (clear, tint and coated) of the same thickness can be run in the same batch. This offers flexibility much greater that the electric radiant heat tempering furnaces.

In addition, Glassrobots is proud to introduce the TFA3evolution™ technology for modern windshield bending enabling bending of difficult windshields with sags up to 32 mm. The good quality and dimensional accuracy of end products with high capacity are based, among other innovative features, on an enhanced bending program with FuzzyBend™ control.

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600450 GLASSROBOTS OY - A highly specialised supplier of safety glass technology to the architectural and automotive industry

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