GGR’s Top 5 Canopy Glazing Solutions

Glazed canopies are becoming increasingly popular as they offer shelter and make entrances to offices and retail spaces look slick, modern and inviting.

Whether you need to install a canopy or replace cracked, smashed or damaged glass, GGR has a range of quick and safe canopy glazing equipment available for hire and sale nationwide.GGR’s glazing robots, glass lifters, hoists, and mini cranes can help install, remove and replace canopy glass, whether you need to lift from above or perform an overhead lift when working underneath the canopy.Here’s our top five canopy glazing picks…Smaller UNIC mini cranes are compact enough to install glass from underneath a canopy whilst the larger models have the extended reach to fit units from above if possible.This UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane was fitted with a GL-UMC600 robotic glass manipulator attachment to replace a piece of canopy glass at The Peninsula office building.Unable to lift the glass from its smashed top leaf, the mini crane and robotic head removed and replaced the unit from underneath. GGR’s technical team modified this GL-UMC600 with an angled fixing bracket which meant it could tilt back further, allowing it to complete this overhead glazing task.

Lifting over the top of a canopy rather than underneath, a 3 tonne capacity UNIC URW-506 mini crane was hired to install 16 pieces of 350kg glass onto a canopy at the Merseyway shopping centre in Stockport.

The 320kg capacity Glassmax Giraffe lifting hoist is a quick and simple solution for overhead glazing and canopy installation work. Fitted with a glass vacuum lifter attachment, this machine is able to hydraulically tilt loads by 90° and lift to a 5.4 metre maximum height.

Two Glassmax Giraffe hoists were used in tandem on this glass canopy repair job outside a London office. Positioned underneath the 4 metre high canopy, the pair of machines simultaneously lifted out a damaged 6.2 metre wide panel weighing 558kg and replaced it with a brand new one.

Quick to set up and easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces, the Glassmax Giraffe also swiftly completed this canopy glazing work on the platform of Wakefield Kirkgate train station.

GGR’s glass vacuum lifters can be used as below the hook attachments with mobile cranes or tower cranes for installing glass units onto canopies from above. This Hydraulica 1200-B glass sucker was hired to handle oversized canopy units on this reglazing project at Manchester’s tallest skyscraper, Beetham Tower, a.k.a the Manchester Hilton hotel.

The 500kg capacity HOMER glazing robot has also been hired for problematic canopy installation jobs, like at this Natwest bank in Rothwell, Leeds and The Rock shopping centre in Bury.

This telehandler mounted device features a vacuum lifter head which can tilt, rotate and pivot to move the glazed canopy unit into the correct overhead position from underneath the canopy.

The 3-in-1 Hydraulic Forklift Extension is another lifting solution which can be attached to a forklift or telehandler for canopy glazing and repair work.

Thanks to the attachment’s hydraulic beam and multi-functional 320kg capacity MRT4 vacuum lifter head, this practical device can precisely manipulate canopy glass panels when working underneath the projection.

GGR can provide you with expert technical advice on how to best to tackle your overhead glazing tasks with the right kit for the job. Contact your nearest GGR depot for hire rates and purchase prices for any of these canopy glazing solutions.

600450 GGR’s Top 5 Canopy Glazing Solutions
Date: 27 June 2014

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