GFC – Universal gas filler

For.El. presents a further innovation dedicated to insulating-glass manufacturers wanting to make high thermal efficiency insulating-glass panels in a fast and automatic way, by filling the space between the glazing with gas.

Considering the restraints imposed by European rules with respect to energy saving in buildings, there is an increased need and demand to fill insulating glass with gas to reduce the thermal transmission coefficient and increase the acoustic insulation coefficient.

The new “UNIVERSAL GAS FILLING CONVEYOR” Model GFC adapts to all types and configurations of For.El insulating-glass lines and those of other manufacturers and offers all the advantages of automatic filling thanks to the accuracy of an analogue and verified process.

The machine fills the space between the panel glazing with gas by exploiting a filling motion of laminar type. Gas filling is through the micro holes of the channel itself. In the top part of the panel, a probe checks the percentage of remaining air, until the desired quantity of gas is reached. Afterwards, the two introduction and verification points are automatically sealed using butyl which ensures the gas remains unchanged in the glazing space over time. All these operations are performed in a totally independent way by the machine, without the need for any manual operation.

Both Argon and Krypton gas can be used and automatic triple glazing and shaped panel filling is possible.

The gas concentration level is managed on board the machine by means of the interface computer which also permits filing data and cataloguing different orders, as well as controlling gas uses.

For.El. continues to devise and implement major solutions to cater for businesses of all sizes in the flat glass sector. Today, For.El. is able to propose different gas filling systems with correct solutions for all production levels, while always assuring top-quality results.

For.El. : 35 years of experience make the difference.

600450 GFC – Universal gas filler

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