For.El. S.p.a.: Feel The Power Of The New Vertical Automatic Arrissing Machine

After a successful debut at Vitrum 2003, For.El. S.p.a. welcomed partners and customers to feel the power of the New Vertical Automatic Arrissing Machine last week.

With this machine For.El. now leads the way in the field of arrissing glass, both in terms of processing quality and innovative specification.People, from every region of the world came to Vallio di Roncade (Treviso, Italy) to test and see first hand the results of our investment.The event was a great success, winning many votes of approval and praise from the wide audience that attended.
The Art.EG Series 2000 has confirmed what the For.El. design team promised, smart efficient glass processing consistently delivering a high quality product.

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Technical note:
Automatic machine that removes the sharp edges and corners from glass panes.

The automatic vertical arrissing machine, symmetrically removes all the sharp edges and corners from glass panes. This prevents vulnerability to breakage and to make the panes safer to handle. After glass panes have been cut, they contain micro cracks that would compromise their integrity during the tempering process and moreover, the sharp edges could be dangerous during the subsequent handling.

The machine includes two operations that are carried out simultaneously: the processing stage and the rinsing stage. During the first stage the sharp edges are removed by means of an exclusive tool system that guarantees an accurate surface finish. During the rinsing stage the pane is washed via spray nozzles. The water used is collected in a recycling tank, and after being filtered is pumped back into the process.
This machine is very compact and is equipped with two operating units that are installed on one upright (the economic version is equipped with one operating unit). Small, medium and large sized glass panes can be processed. (sizes 2000, 2500 and 3210 mm).

The frame, mainly constructed of stainless steel and aluminium, ensures minimum wear of the materials and consequently of maintenance. This machine would be placed in a double-glazing line, after the Soft Coat Remover (Art.CR2200, CR2250, CR2300) and before the washing machine (Art.2200, 2250, 2300).

600450 For.El. S.p.a.: Feel The Power Of The New Vertical Automatic Arrissing Machine

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