For.El. grows bigger!

Nowadays trend in the architectural world is to extend the use of glass to wider surfaces, with a key role in the buildings’ aesthetics but consequently demanding to glass surfaces higher performances in terms of safety and energy saving.

The glass industry promptly replied offering tempered and laminated glass to provide safety, and double or multiple glazing to provide the necessary insulation. The use of these technologies together allows architects to express themselves delivering futuristic and impressive designs.

However it is not always easy to create the wide surfaces required, as common insulating glass assembly lines don’t have the load bearing capacity or the size to process such enormous glass sheets. This is why For.El. installed several oversize plants able to handle jumbo units, improving time after time the capacity and performances until the latest and impressive line delivered in December 2010 and capable to assemble jumbo size units, 6 m by 3,2 m big, with a thickness up to 85 mm and an impressive weight of 450 kg/m.

A re-designed revolutionary, simple and solid conveying system allows the use of laminated or tempered-laminated glass and the assembly of multiple layer units thus extending the number of possible combinations to be assembled, while an exclusive mobile conveyor system allows the downloading of these big and heavy units without compromising the safety of the operators.

Another step ahead from For.El. to answer to the needs of his highly demanding customers, growing stronger together!

600450 For.El. grows bigger!
Date: 25 February 2011
Source: For.El

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