FeneTech announces the upcoming release of FeneVision_neo, their brand-new software generation early spring 2012

Date: 12 December 2011
Source: FeneTech
The new software generation features an even more modern design, enhanced graphics and support for many new functions  for iPad and tablet PCs.

It will be the most amazing FeneVision version released to date.

FeneVision_neo features numerous new functions, all fully integrated and embedded into the powerful CORE application: new interactive business intelligence dashboard, enhanced and re-designed web center, brand-new delivery tracking application for iPad based on 3G and 4G technology, brand-new optimization algorithms, to name a few. This will ensure that FeneTech’s ERP solution will stay light years ahead of any existing software solution on the market.

Horst Mertes, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for FeneTech Inc. and CEO of FeneTech Europe states: “This is the best FeneVision ever and I’ m proud to be offering such a modern and quality product for world-wide marketing. neo stands for new, recent and young!

Since I joined FeneTech I have always been impressed with the flexibility, speed and qualification of the FeneTech development team. We have ideas, visions, taste for modern design and we translate these into ultra-modern software. We will never stop and continue with our developments, we follow modern trends and do not rest on what we have. I’m sure that this product will allow us to even grow faster, especially in Europe and that we will reach our goal of becoming the world’s leader in software solutions for the glass and window manufacturing industry.”

Ron Crowl, President of FeneTech Inc. adds: “ People often ask when will the software development be complete. I always answer – never. In order to gain market share and maintain our reputation as being the best in the industry we must continue to invest in development.  FeneVision_neo is the next step in our quest to be the dominant software supplier in this industry.”

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600450 FeneTech announces the upcoming release of FeneVision_neo, their brand-new software generation early spring 2012 glassonweb.com
Date: 12 December 2011
Source: FeneTech

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