Façonnable Femme: A New Flacon Highlight From Gerresheimer Displays Perfect Harmony

Date: 22 May 2006
Source: Gerresheimer Group GmbH
There are some little treasures which are precious simply because we enjoy looking at them so much. These include the flacon for Façonnable femme: a new work of artistic perfection in modern glass design which appears under the internationally renowned label of the fashion chain Nordstrom.

This little beauty whose design reflects the same combination of classic and feminine elements which is found in the fragrance is currently enjoying the limelight in New York, where Gerresheimer is exhibiting it at Luxe Pack from 17 to 18 May 2006 (Booth 50).

This little flacon appears to give a delicate hint of the perfume. Its secret is perfect harmony between tranquillity and vivacity, between simple basic elements and highly-refined details. The shape for example is derived from a simple round disc. Yet it does not stand, as is usually the case, on a levelled off base but instead on two parallel edges which create a vivacious inward curve of the glass. This in turn corresponds charmingly with a feature at the upper extreme: from the cap, a cord swings down to the shoulder of the flacon.

Even without colouring, the glass appears anything but ‘colourless’. Elegant part etching skilfully combines high gloss with a silky sheen. Only a circular area in the middle of the front and the surrounding exterior wall are satinised, while partial masking is used in the acid bath to retain the mirrorlike smoothness of the remaining area and the carefully polished edges. To complete the perfection of this tasteful creation, the name Façonnable femme appears in the circle in elegant printing in a deep red rust shade, in which the delicate apricot tint of the fragrance appears to be concentrated. The interplay between shapes, colours and effects is so natural that it looks as if it could never have been otherwise. “This is the masterstroke which gives this discreet flacon its spectacular appeal,” says Burkhard Lingenberg, Director of Corporate PR and Marketing for the Gerresheimer Group.

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