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Introducing Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass. By keeping the outer surface of the glass warmer, this latest innovation solves a common problem with Insulated Glass Units – external condensation – giving homeowners a clearer view.

External condensation is a natural phenomenon, typically occurring in the spring and autumn months, where the external surface temperature of the glass drops below the point where air cannot hold any more moisture – its dew point.Over the last ten years consumers who have installed modern IGUs (Insulating Glass Units), to help save energy and money on their fuel bills, may have experienced some form of condensation.This is due to IGUs having a low heat transfer coefficient which means the internal glass pane remains warm, while the external glass is allowed to cool. This can make the units particularly vulnerable to external condensation, although ironically proving that the IGUs are thermally efficient and work properly. Therefore to keep this to a minimum Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass is the perfect partner for IGUs, manufacturers and consumers.

Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass is designed to delay the onset of condensation, on both double and triple glazing, by keeping the external surface warmer. This is achieved through a hard (pyrolytic) coating which reflects heat escaping from the building back inside. This improves the view whilst maintaining the energy saving benefits homeowners seek.

Andy McDowell, Commercial Director, Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, said: “It is obviously fantastic that homeowners are choosing to pick highly-efficient IGUs for their homes, but they can find dew on the outer pane of glass. It just shows that their IGU is working properly. So we have launched Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass – designed to delay the onset of condensation on both double and triple glazing.”

The NSG Group manufactures on-line coated Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass on a Pilkington Optiwhite™ substrate, available in thicknesses of 4mm and 6mm.

The glass is easy to process, and thus can be used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications. It can be used in combination with other thermally-efficient glass products such as any from the Pilkington K Glass™ and Pilkington Optitherm™ ranges, as well as in laminated formats.

For more information please visit: www.pilkington.co.uk/anticondensation

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Date: 16 January 2014
Source: www.pilkington.com

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