Construction Canada Magazine Publishes Cover Story on Bendheim Glass Rainscreen Systems

We are pleased to announce that Construction Canada, the official publication of CSC (Construction Specifications Canada), has selected to feature Bendheim Wall Systems’ educational article on glass rainscreen technology as the magazine’s February 2015 Cover Story.

The expert article, titled “Glass Rainscreen Systems Enhance the Building Envelope,” discusses the design principles and benefits of flat and channel glass rainscreen assemblies.It was authored by Bendheim Wall Systems’ Head of Technical Design – Said Elieh – and is intended for all building professionals (architects, designers, engineers, specification writers, construction managers, contractors, building owners, etc.), regardless of their rainscreen expertise level. The instructive commentary reveals the significant role glass rainscreen technology can play in the protection and improvement of the building envelope. It demonstrates the clear functional and design benefits of the over-cladding strategy for new and retrofit buildings alike.

To access the complete, authorized PDF reprint of our educational article on glass rainscreen design and application, please follow this link: Construction Canada Cover Story: Glass Rainscreen Systems Enhance the Building Envelope.

600450 Construction Canada Magazine Publishes Cover Story on Bendheim Glass Rainscreen Systems

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