Colonial Glass Appoints Zachary Weiner CEO

Date: 18 April 2008
Source: Colonial Glass Solutions
Colonial Glass Solutions in Brooklyn, N.Y., has appointed a new chief executive officer (CEO). Zachary Weiner has taken over the reins from his uncle, George Weiner, marking the third generation to take over the business since it was founded by Ben Weiner in 1929.

Weiner has been involved with the company since 1997.

"I initially started out driving my father [Abe Weiner] into work," he recalls. "He couldn't see that well, so … after I graduated from college he asked me to drive him into work so that's what I did. And then as I started coming and driving him in it seemed pretty interesting to me, the operation in general. I thought I could help out. I helped out in small areas where I could for the first three, four or five years I was here. I'm the first one to admit I probably didn't do anything so significant. I just tried to get my feet wet ... but then about five or six years into it I decided to take more of a leadership role and really get very involved in the business."

Since then Weiner has implemented a number of changes. He began as a safety manager, then moved to managing the "flow" of the factory, and soon was president of the company. In addition to facility improvements, he also has placed a focus on expanding the company's product line.

"When I started here we had pretty much I think we had two products: we had glass and doors, and I wanted to expand our product line. So we did that around 2005, we brought on the SafetySteel for security glass, and then even though we were doing shower doors, we gave it a logo [GlasSteel] to make it its own product because glass shower doors became so popular."

In his new role as CEO, Weiner's plans for the year ahead largely involve promoting its newest product additions.

"This past year we just added on the InsulSteel and SpanSteel, which are the insulating and spandrel glass," Weiner says. "We went from two products to six products in about four years."

The new InsulSteel® double glazing system uses Edgetech's TriSeal Super Spacer® patented technology to reduce heat loss, keep cold out and prevent moisture seepage and infiltration. The company manufactures triple-seal IG up to 86 by 144 inches.

"The InsulSteel is exciting not just because we're making insulating units but also to how that product can add to LEED points for our customers," Weiner says.

The company launched InsultSteel about four months ago, Weiner says. "It's been a great reception. I think that the only challenge we've had is so that our customers feel that something that can bend [TriSeal SuperSpacer] as compared to the aluminum spacer that they weren't able to bend, automatically the first thing they think is that it's weak. In actuality, it's extremely strong and it can handle any commercial applications that our customers need to use it for. It's up to Colonial to educate our customers on what the TriSeal spacer can do for them, and that's one of sales' biggest jobs, to get our customers past that initial [doubt]."

The company has also launched a spanedrel glass product. SpanSteel® is classified as a Zero-VOC paint according to EPA standards. This coating of spandrel glass allows for superior environmental durability and virtually unlimited color possibilities.

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