Clinton Climate Initiative Names Solar Gard® Window Film A Key Resource for Saving Energy

Date: 2 November 2007
Source: Solargard
The management from Solar Gard® window films, a Bekaert product, today announced it has teamed up with the Clinton Climate Initiative to reduce energy consumption in public and commercial buildings.

Installation of Solar Gard window film is included under the Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program, which was designed to help public entities lower their energy consumption. Solar Gard window film can be sized to fit any glass door or window, making it an essential measure for government buildings which are often historic and frequently characterized by oversized windows. Now, all public organizations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint can easily and cost-effectively fit Solar Gard window film into an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

"Climate change is a global issue that we must address immediately if we are to reverse its catastrophic effects," said President Clinton. "I am pleased that the US Conference of Mayors, Wal-Mart and many businesses are working with my foundation to supply energy efficient and clean energy products. By offering these products at a discounted rate, we can ensure that more cities and citizens have access to them and that the market for clean energy technology will grow. Together, I hope that we can have a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions around the world."

Numerous municipal buildings worldwide have already realized the benefits of Solar Gard window film. A select list of these installations includes: Department of Energy and National Geographic Society Campus (both in the USA), Hong Kong International Airport (China); Seongdong-Gu Office Complex (Korea); Helsinki Metro (Finland); Lyon Metro (France); Raffles Tower (Singapore); Australia Square (Australia); Kudan Fuji Building (Japan) and Millbank Tower (England).

“We are excited to work with the Clinton Climate Initiative in providing this strategic resource for organizations that are looking to reduce their energy consumption” said Christophe Fremont, President, Bekaert Specialty Films LLC, the company that manufactures Solar Gard window film. “Because Solar Gard rejects solar energy, less energy is used to keep the interior temperature comfortable. Our window film provides an ideal solution for all facility managers, environmental service companies and municipal leaders who have pledged to reduce CO2 emissions.”

For building managers and employees, the benefits of Solar Gard window film extend far beyond energy reduction. Professionally installed window films contribute to the overall safety, comfort and productivity of employees inside the building. Should a man-made or natural disaster strike, Solar Gard window films acts as a protective barrier from broken glass, keeping shattered pieces from entering the building and causing injury or damage to people and property inside. Furthermore, Solar Gard window films are proven to block 99% of cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays. Not only are they critical for the fight against skin cancer, but they also reduce interior fading of furniture and window displays, solar glare on computer screens and eliminate uncomfortable heat pockets. Additional information about Solar Gard’s benefits can be found online at

600450 Clinton Climate Initiative Names Solar Gard® Window Film A Key Resource for Saving Energy
Date: 2 November 2007
Source: Solargard

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