Change fixed lites to operable with zero sightline insert vents, part of Advantage by Wausau’s standard product offering

Presenting a uniform, exterior appearance coupled with the benefits of daylight and natural ventilation, Wausau’s zero sightline insert vents mount seamlessly in a variety of curtainwall and window wall framing systems.

Insert vents change fixed lites to operating windows, for occupant operation, emergency ventilation, or custodial-only access.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems includes 2.5- 3.25- and 4-inch-deep insert vents as part of its Advantage by Wausau line of competitively priced, high-performance, standard products. As the newest addition to this product offering, Wausau’s 4250-Z Series Zero Sightline multi-point locking vents are available as project-out awning or casement units with 4-inch frame depths for two- or four-sided, structural-glazed curtainwall systems. Specially-designed extenders allow 4250-Z insert vents to be used with almost any curtainwall system’s face width. The mitered frame construction, corner-blocked tubular vents and four-side silicone factory glazing ensure “no sag” performance, even with large vent sizes.

Successfully tested to meet stringent code requirements, Wausau’s 4250-Z Series Zero Sightline vents are AAMA AW-90 rated for awning and AW-100 for casement. Both are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years. National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) thermal performance labels are available for numerous glass options.

Multi-point locking hardware differentiates the 4250-Z from other insert vents. A single, attractive, Euro-styled handle can activate several slide bars, corner drive units and locks, providing locking action on adjacent vent rails, to achieve security, air and water performance in large vent sizes. The single handle is mounted within easy reach for convenience and to help meet code-mandated accessibility requirements.

Advantage by Wausau meets the fast pace of construction timelines for low- and mid-rise buildings such as schools and universities, hospitals and health care facilities, justice centers and government offices.

“Green building goals also are key to these buildings’ designers, contractors, owners and occupants,” says Mike Weis, general manager for Advantage By Wausau. “Insert vents and operable windows offer a seasonal opportunity in many parts of the country for air-conditioning energy savings when included as part of a facility’s HVAC design. Adding to buildings’ overall operational cost-efficiencies Wausau’s windows also are cycle-tested to ensure durability and long life. Because these products last longer in the building and will require less-frequent replacement, reducing future resource consumption will be reduced, along with associated pollution and waste.”

Coupled with the recognized benefits of daylight and outside views, these features may aid buildings seeking certification under such programs as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System™. Demonstrating its commitment to energy-efficiency and environmental leadership, Wausau’s own manufacturing center is certified LEED-Silver.

Further contributing to green goals, Wausau’s aluminum-framed products may be specified with recycled content. With a palette exceeding 30,000 color choices, Wausau’s painted finishes include liquid paints that can be composed of up to 100% post-industrial waste. Durable, VOC-free anodize finishes accentuate the metallic appearance, such as copper color that does not patina.

600450 Change fixed lites to operable with zero sightline insert vents, part of Advantage by Wausau’s standard product offering

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