Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home Interiors

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home Interiors
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You may have heard about the InMotion Door from IQ which is an automatic sliding door with magnetic linear motor technology. The automation box measures only 60×65 mm, and is exclusively designed for interior doors.

With such a minimal design it is possibly the most discrete and elegant interior door solution, and with the smoothest and most silent movement currently available.

This unique sliding door system combines the size of a manual sliding door track, with the advantages of an automatic door and is perfect for residential design and hotels.

We have recently looked at a number of unique applications for this specialist internal door system. Could any of these be useful on your on project?


Improved User Experience

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home InteriorsActivated by simply pushing the door handle (Push & Go), or by means of a push button or touch-less switch, the door will automatically open.

It dramatically reduces the glass shattering risks caused by misuse, and improves the convenience to the end user.

The automatic sliding door in rooms and common areas, contributes to the accessibility of persons with reduced mobility.


‘IQ Specialist’ InMotion Version for Public Toilets

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home InteriorsThis special application used a set of push buttons located outside and inside the toilet. These are used to access the WC room and to keep the door closed and locked while in use.

LED indicators inform users if the toilet is free or in use, while an emergency key switch will allow opening the door from the outside in the event of emergency.

An ideal solution for toilet rooms in common areas like restaurants, hotels, or private toilets for persons with reduced mobility.


Automated Access to Meeting Rooms

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home InteriorsUse the InMotion sliding door to automate the access to meeting rooms and private dining areas to increase the privacy of guests.

It adds convenience and privacy during family or corporate meals.

We use the InMotion sliding doors as the entrance door to our rear private meeting room at the Courtyard Showroom in Amersham with touch-less switch for control.


Divide Spaces with Style

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home InteriorsThanks to its compact design, the InMotion automatic door operator can be easily hidden above a false ceiling for a minimal interior design.

The laminated glass of the sliding door can be finished with a wide range of decorative effects including printed and decorative interlayers, translucent finishes and coloured glass.


Connect the Kitchen with the Dining Room

Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home InteriorsReduce the flow of smell and fumes in open plan living spaces. Use the door in automatic mode and walk through the door even when your hands are full.

Or use the remote control to leave the door open. All this thanks to an automatic door operator with the size and design of a manual sliding door track.



Automatic Doors for Hotel and Home Interiors

The automatic sliding motor at the head is the same size as a simple sliding track for a manual door!

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Date: 16 May 2017

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Tue, 16/05/2017 - 12:22

To improve our home and office interior, we should install attractive and quality doors and windows with multiple features. Most probably these two are the first attraction of home, office, hotels, organization, and many others. We have found different types of doors with multiple features such as; sliding doors, automatic doors, and many others. Here also we have found some attractive design automatic door, it looks amazing.