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I N N O V AT I O N S E R V I N G H Y G I E N E - AntiBacterial glass is a major innovation in the world of glass design.

The antimicrobial action of the silver ions inside the glass eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria that form on its surface whilst also preventing the spread of fungi.  This remarkable property makes it perfect for places where strict hygiene is a must.

AntiBacterial glass™ can be used in a wide range of interior design applications.

Lacobel or Mirox AB is ideal for wall covering in places that are:

subject to specific hygiene requirements:

hospitals, haematology, oncology and geriatric units, isolation rooms, burns units, sterilisation rooms, etc. clinics, infirmaries, maternity units

pharmacies and laboratories

rest homes

- damp and thus prone to bacterial and fungal development:

showers and bathrooms

health spas

sports halls

swimming pools

- others:

canteens, toilets

waiting rooms

Planibel AB can be fitted as partitioning or double glazing.

Wall covering, partitions, double glazing and more: AGC Flat Glass Europe’s range of glass with a bactericidal effect is a comprehensive interior design solution.

O P E R AT I O N  A N D  P E R F O R M A N C E


The process developed and patented by AGC Flat Glass Europe involves diffusing silver ions into the upper layers of the glass: the ions interact with bacteria and destroy them by disabling their metabolism and disrupting their division mechanism. The antibacterial effect of the glass is ongoing, particularly in warm and moist conditions favouring the development of bacteria and mould.




The results showed a drastic reduction in the initial bacterial concentra- tions as well as a cessation of fungal growth.


Though present in low concentrations, the silver ions give the glass its bactericidal and fungicidal effects.


To evaluate the performance of AntiBacterial glass™, tests have been conducted on a representative range of bacteria and fungi:

 1. Bacteria

 • Staphylococcus Aureus

 • Escherichia Coli

 • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

 2. Fungi

 • Aspergillus Niger

 • Candida Albicans




AntiBacterial glass™ offers a range of looks depending on the product:


 opaque, reflective glass – 25 standard colours available;



 this clear glass is perfect for partitioning off spaces while maintaining a transparent aspect;



 used in wall applications, mirrors create a feeling of extra space.




Each type of AB glass has its own safety version1:

 • Decorative LACOBEL AB glasses and MIROX AB mirrors can be covered in a SAFE film:

 if the glass breaks, the fragments stick to the film;

 • Clear PLANIBEL AB glasses can be used in a laminated assembly.




AntiBacterial glass  is easy to clean and is resistant to cleaning products, including those used in hospitals. Tests have shown that even abrasive maintenance products do not impede the glass’s antimicrobial effect.




Fitting AntiBacterial glass is easy. Installation techniques differ depending on the prod- uct chosen. Please refer to the installation guides for products available in AB (Lacobel, Planibel, Mirox)


If you have any questions please contact us on

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