ALUMIL has launched the new automatic minimal sliding system SUPREME S650 e-MOTION

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Date: 30 October 2017

ALUMIL has launched the cutting edge automatic sliding system SUPREME S650 e-MOTION, which is the electrically driven and remote-controlled version of the minimal sliding system SUPREME S650 PHOS.

It is the ideal choice for minimal constructions, especially when a project requires coverage of large openings, ease of use, as well as maximization of the end users’ field of vision.

Specifically, the new series is available for single-sash typologies with fixed lights and for double horizontal sliding sashes. The system has excellent performance levels for its category, certified by the IFT Rosenheim Institute in collaboration with the CFT testing center.

The SUPREME S650 e-Motion is a unique product, combining very high functionality and ease of use, with sophisticated minimal design in accordance with modern architecture.


600450 ALUMIL has launched the new automatic minimal sliding system SUPREME S650 e-MOTION

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