Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. Announces an Affordable Solution for Protecting Glass under Extremely Violent Weather Conditions

Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. will be intensely focusing on introducing and implementing the use of their unique Safety and Security Laminated Film Products for the protection of glass due to violent weather-related conditions.

Defending people and property from flying shards of glass during hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and earthquakes is not only prudent, but also essential in today's world. A rapidly growing list of East Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast states are now mandating the use of impact-resistant glass for protecting people, property and their assets. Florida is leading the coastal regions in developing and implementing stringent building codes governing the use of glass in residential and commercial construction.

As coastal populations and development increase, the threat of injury, death and damage to property during hurricanes and violent storms has intensified immensely. A major cause of property damage and personal injury is due to the high impact from wind-born debris and flying glass shards.

Clean-up costs after a major storm are radically increased due to broken glass fragments throughout the debris. Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. is now preparing to offer their Safety and Security Laminated Film Products as a solution to minimizing the glass-related problems due to violent weather conditions.

The Company is positioning itself to offer an extremely high-end safety and security laminated film product for this type of glass protection. The Company's product can be applied to existing glass at an affordable cost.

The Company's specialized Automated Lamination Equipment Division will be able to provide a cost-effective alternative by providing pre-laminated glass for new construction in small or large quantities. Please refer to the company's website for more information regarding the Automated Lamination Equipment Division of Absolute Glass Protection, Inc.

Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. is now preparing to conduct testing with an approved, independent facility and/or laboratory located in Florida. These tests are performed by the independent facility and their staff to simulate large and small missile-type debris such as tree limbs, signposts and a variety of other objects. This facility is approved by the state of Florida. Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. is looking forward to meeting these testing requirements as it will greatly enhance the company's growth and sales revenues.

The types of glass and/or polycarbonates utilized to meet the existing building codes, which are now in place, are causing major cost increases in the construction industry throughout the gulf regions.

Absolute Glass Protection, Inc. is confident that the combination of their unique Safety and Security Film Laminate, when applied to existing glass, will create an extremely affordable alternative product choice for use within this industry. Upon meeting the proper testing qualifications, the revenues for Absolute Protection, Inc. in this marketplace should be significant.

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