2023 Annual Meeting of Glass and Glazing National Associations

2023 Annual Meeting of Glass and Glazing National Associations
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Date: 24 May 2023

On 22 May, glass and glazing national associations gathered in Brussels for the Annual meeting of the National Partners Group of Glass for Europe.

During the meeting, participants examined EU legislations currently under review such as the Energy Performance of Building Directive and the Construction Product Regulation. The representatives of flat glass transformers and processors discussed the challenging and opportunities of the 2 proposals and possible implementation. For example, the Belgian Association VGI-FIV, presented how to promote daylight in buildings by way of the Flemish Building Passport.

Finding new talents in the glazing industry is becoming more and more difficult in all EU Member States. The glazing industry requires specialized skills and knowledge and there is a limited number of people with the necessary expertise. In addition, an aging workforce combined with younger generations pursuing different career paths also contribute to a shortage of glaziers.  In the Netherlands, Bouwend Nederland launched a communication campaign and invested in training and development establishing training programs. In Belgium, VGI-FIV promotes the professional development of the existing workforce thanks to a dedicated centre of competence for trainings in the glass industry (Cefoverre) and launched a cooperation with local universities to create vocational masters.

Flat glass is a sustainable materials and sustainability is at the core of the flat glass industry throughout the full value-chain. National partners shared information about national initiatives and requirements related to building glass recycling,  the decarbonisation of buildings and the impact of glazing on the urban environment. The French association UDTVP reported on the deployment of “collection standards” to improve the recycling of end-of-life building glass. The Association of Glass Nordic, which represents glass and glazing associations active in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, presented the embodied carbon limits set in national building regulations of the different Nordic countries. Finally, the German association Bundesverband Flachglas BF informed their peers about the bird-protection glass and its possible applications.

The annual meeting of the National Partners Group offers the opportunity to share information and launch common initiative in the EU building glass sector. National partners discussed several communication and advocacy projects that will materialise in the coming months.

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