Wired Glass
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United Kingdom | Industry service
A to Z Glass and Glazing has been providing a bespoke glazing service to professional organisations since 1984.
United States | Manufacturer
Bendheim is one of the world’s foremost resources for specialty architectural glass. Founded in New York City in 1927, the fourth-generation, family-owned company offers a virtually unlimited range of in-stock and custom glass varieties for interior and exterior building applications.
Ukraine | Manufacturer
Our plant produces figured and wired rolled glass.
Egypt | Manufacturer
Our company is a leader in manufacturing figured and wired glass in the Middle East.
China | Manufacturer
We manufacture tempered glass, as well as various safety glasses for buildings.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Embossing and Plain Rollers for the glass industry.
Germany | Industry service
Officially neutral swarn expert on glass and glazing.
United States | Manufacturer
Glass Services offers replacement windows and glass for windows (insulated/non-insulated) for residential and commercial properties in the Shreveport, Louisiana area.
Poland | Manufacturer
The main product of our Glassworks is rolled flat pattern glass. We manufacture the most popular patterns of glass, which can be used in the furniture or building industry, for door glazing or partition walls. We offer the following patterns of glass: 6, 31, 35, 101, 105, 118, 120, 120 CATHEDRAL and 224 thickness 3mm – 10mm, plain wired glass,…
India | Manufacturer
We are figured and wired glass manufacturer.
United States | Manufacturer
Hopper’s Glass started as a two-person shop in 1951 and has grown into a major glass contractor. When Jess and Dwight Hopper founded Hopper’s Glass, they knew that commitment to getting the job done and on time would be the key to business growth.
| Manufacturer
Special attention to the quality of products: windows, glass, mirrors.
Hungary | Manufacturer
Mirror and glass processing, bevelling, engraving, polishing and drilling. Doors, windows and curtain walls production.
Greece | Distributor
China and Far East Manufacturers Exhibition Show Room. Goods imported direct from factory. B2B only. DVD Catalogue with over 10000 Products.
Spain | Manufacturer
Engineer and Manufacturer of Technical & Optical Films for professional Glass Laminators. Located at the South East Coast of Spain, our Films can be used for different applications: Ballistic protection, IR protection, Fire resistance, Security in Architectural and Transport, or e-Glass.