Glass Tools
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Italy | Other
A.ArchiVet produces and trades portable drilling machines, lifters, glasscutters, cerium and aluminium oxide for glaziers and the glass field in general
India | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Glass fittings.
Italy | Manufacturer
Abratech produces peripheral, grooving, cup polishing wheels for glass and stone available for all profiles and thicknesses and used on all machines.
Spain | Industry service
We have a 20-year track record in the glass machinery and tools industry , a track record that translates into the recognition of our products and services in the flat glass sector , both nationally and internationally.
United States | Manufacturer
Anver offers a Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems.
United States | Other
Barcode tag generator application develop machine readable barcode label, ribbon, sticker or images.
United States | Distributor
Family owned and operated, Bradstreet Glass provides stained glass sheets and glass art supplies at affordably competitive prices, with exceptional customer service. Bradstreet Glass was created and is maintained by stained glass artists.
Canada | Distributor
Our company is specialized in glass machineries, glass tools, glass accessories, and consulting services to the glass industry in Canada.
Egypt | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of patch fittings and glass fittings, accessories, clamps, and tools.
Lebanon | Manufacturer
Producer of bending and fusing kilns. Re-seller of glass processing products and dealer of 2nd hand in-shop renovated machineries with warrantee; mailnly Bavelloni type
Turkey | Manufacturer
+ Mold Supplier for Glass Industry + Metal Fastening parts and accessories + Machine Parts and Mechanisms
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1977, DGS is the only manufacturer and distributor in the UK to offer a complete range of products for the Window & Door industry; sealed unit consumables, window and door hardware, plastics and fitting materials.
United States | Manufacturer
With over 35 years of experience, diamond tech proudly announces its new glass tile line. Manufacturer of quality glass tools, supplies and now tile.
United States | Manufacturer
For over 10 years DTI has been and international maufacturer of art glass products and supplies. We currently offer over 500 stained glass, mosaic, and hot glass tools and accessories.
Italy | Manufacturer
Duezeta has been operating for over 45 years as a company for the production and sale of diamond and polishing tools. The company has grown year after year until it has assumed a leading position in the glass processing and mechanical sectors.