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| Manufacturer
EuropTec offers glass/polymer parts for technical applications. Plasma display, TV, computer filter glasses, vandal proof glasses, plastic parts for medical technology, transparent machine housings
United States | Industry service
Supply Anti-Newton Ring glass and other specialty items to the photographic, optical scanner, printing, holographic, and scientific communities.
Spain | Industry service
Manufacturers, distributors and engineers on optical and optomechanical components for industrial and reseach applications. Lenses, prisms, filters, optical mirrors, plates and optomechanics for imaging and illumination systems.
United Kingdom | Distributor
HV Skan are a reliable source of high grade optical materials and heat resisting glasses at competitive prices.
China | Manufacturer
Mok Optics Co., a professional optical components manufacturer the photonics industry. We owns advanced design, manufacturing, assembly technologies and high efficient production facilities. From prototype work to big volume production runs, Mok Optics is full ramped to deliver.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic glass forming machines, shear blades, gathering robots, glassmaker tools, automatic saws for cutting bullet proof glass, filters.
| Manufacturer
Manufactures: precise glass and glass-metallic tubes, rods, mono- and polycapillaries; complex micro- and nanostructures with arbitrary cross section geometry; drawing towers, sintering machines, other equipment.