Warm-edge Technology
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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Thermoseal Group Limited is the UK window industry's leading supplier of insulated glass sealed unit components and machinery for glass sealed unit manufacturing.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Abg Group is producing aluminium spacer bars and chemicals for insulating glass. Primary product groups: Aluminum Spacer Bars -> Standart, Bendable, Butyled, Painted Molecular Sieve -> Desiccant, 3A, Auto Manual Filling Secondary Sealant -> Thiocol, Polysulfide EN1279:2018 Standard
Italy | Manufacturer
Welcome to ALU-PRO: the only company in the world supplying the widest range of spacer bars to the glass manufacturing and processing industry.
China | Manufacturer
HANJIANG has established in 2002, specializes in design, development and production of automatic insulating glass (IGU/DGU) processing machines.
Italy | Trade agent
Our goal is to offer IG manufacturers the most qualified high-tech component system on the market, represented by the products of six leading world brands synonymous with innovation, research and reliability.
United States | Manufacturer
Coda Products was established to develop high-performance weatherseal solutions for the door and window industry.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of glass sealed units and conservatory roof kits.
Germany | Manufacturer
Supplier of rubber foam spacer, Super Spacer®, true warm edge technology for energy efficient sealed insulating glass units. With the flexible Super Spacer® - Edgetech has revolutionized the insulating glass production.
Australia | Distributor
Elegant I.G, a small family-founded company, is today Australia’s largest supplier of IG consumables.
Germany | Manufacturer
Under the insulbar brand name, we develop, produce and market insulating bars for the thermal separation of doors, windows and facades in metal. Quality made in Germany - for more than 40 years.
Germany | Manufacturer
One of the main focuses is insulating glass for house doors in various structures, including double, triple and quadruple insulating glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
In our factory in Wuppertal, we have been producing high quality spacer and muntin bars for the glass and window industry since 1949: Quality made in Germany.
Belgium | Manufacturer
Sales Representative of suppliers to glass sector - in Hot Repair of Furnaces, including ceramic welding, opening / closing of chambers, regenarators cleaning, and - in Handling of Raw Materials and in cullet glass, including fluid bed dryers / coolers and other devices.
Canada | Manufacturer
LiteZone Glass Inc. manufactures LiteZone®, a next generation, award winning, ultra energy efficient insulating glass unit that makes possible the world's most energy efficient insulating glass units for residential and commercial applications.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Distributors of IGU Components and Roofline Products.