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China | Manufacturer
Since 1989, we are professionals in the glass industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
Fenzi produces paints for glass and sealants for double glazing; sister company Alupro produces aluminium and warm edge spacer bar for IG.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Turkey manufacturer of building glass, construction machinery, doors and windows.
United States | Manufacturer
Maunfacturers of Insulating Glass Sealant.
United Kingdom | Distributor
Ellsworth specialises in the distribution of specialty chemicals, adhesives and dispensing equipment, representing leading international manufacturers like Dow Corning, Dymax, 3M, Henkel, Bostik, and Techcon.
Greece | Manufacturer
Epco s.a. is manufacturing insulated glass sealants like hot-melt butyl, PIB and 2 part polysulphide.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Espa profil begun its activities on 2001 has accessed to insulating glass sector by producing pvc spacer bar for double glass. You can reach at pvc profile without buyl or with butyl.Also we have polysulfide(thiokol) which manufactured in Turkey, molecular sieve which has EN 1279 Standarts,and also our company stock include butyl, corner…
Turkey | Manufacturer
We produce and sell glass washing machines and glass cutting machines.
Turkey | Manufacturer
IPI Polimer of Istanbul, Turkey, has been in the business of manufacturing chemicals and other materials used in the production of insulating glass for the Turkish and Central Asian markets since 1988.
Germany | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, active in markets all over the world, specialist supplier to many industry sectors, including the automotive, construction, footwear, furniture industries.
Greece | Distributor
Kostis Bros is an import and export distributer company for glass and i.g .materials.
| Manufacturer
Le Joint Français(LJF) is an international manufacturer of sealants , adhesives and coatings for the Insulating glass, Aerospace and Automotive markets.
Greece | Distributor
Trade Company in the field of materials for Insulating Glass Units. With exports in Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Russia and Romania and other countries.
Turkey | Manufacturer
NEDEX is producing chemicals and accessorizes for insulating glass. The primary product groups are molecular sieves, polysulfides, hotmelt, butyl, aluminium and warm-edge spacers and insulated edge solutions.
Germany | Manufacturer
German manufacturers of sealants on basis of polysulphide and polyurethane for insulating glass production.