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Italy | Manufacturer
Since 1989 IMMMES company used to realize and mount medium-heavy carpentry structures for civil and industrial building sector. In the mid-1990s the company started a new business in the water treatment system for the glass industry becoming a pioneer and a leading company in the sector.
United States | Industry service
We offer innovative recycling solutions for glass manufacturers around the globe. With our proprietary technology, we can transform your waste into products suitable for homes and business, leaving the planet cleaner, greener and healthier for generations to come.
China | Other
A China government supported expo., your gateway to China prosperous market.
Italy | Industry service
This industry combines the dust removal from exhaust gas of glass melting furnace with desulfurizing and denitration systems to comply both particle and chemical pollutants with the most stringent regulations.
Italy | Industry service
Our story begun 70 years ago out of a great passion and makes us today leader in Glass Recycling in Italy, and among the first ones in Europe, for technology, investments and volumes of Glass Recycled.
Belgium | Industry service
Glass for Europe is the trade association for Europe's flat glass sector. Glass for Europe brings together multinational firms and thousands of SMEs across Europe, to represent the whole building glass value-chain.
United Kingdom | Other
Glass Futures Ltd is a not-for-profit research and technology organisation, supported by multi-national brands and global companies in conducting collaborative cutting-edge research in glass manufacturing, sustainability, and environmentally friendly projects.
Romania | Industry service
GreenGlass Recycling, established in 2013 and part of GreenGroup Romania, is treating packaging and non-packaging glass waste.
| Manufacturer
MAGUIN offers state of the art solutions to air pollution control issues with the supply of : - Ceramic Catalytic filters : CERCAT®- Ceramic filters- Bagfilters
Netherlands | Industry service
Maltha is a leading processor of packaging and flat glass in Europe. Each year we process more than 1 million tonnes of glass waste from companies, citizens and municipalities into high-quality new raw materials for use in making new products.
Italy | Manufacturer
The QPS® logo was created to provide users with a sure reference for the quality of polysulfide sealants, enhancing the confidence in the long term properties of the product.
Norway | Manufacturer
Solar heat panels for capturing the suns energy and reusage in radiant, floor and hot water heating.
Italy | Industry service
Tri-Mer Global Technologies S.r.l. is a technology leader in both wet and dry pollution control technologies and waste heat recovery solutions.
Spain | Industry service
VITROSEP was founded on 1992 with the aim of offering solutions for the water treatment in the glass and optical industries.
Netherlands | Industry service
This non-profit organization coordinates all the activities associated with recycling and collecting waste glass in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner and at the lowest possible cost.