Water Treatment
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Italy | Manufacturer
Since 1989 IMMMES company used to realize and mount medium-heavy carpentry structures for civil and industrial building sector. In the mid-1990s the company started a new business in the water treatment system for the glass industry becoming a pioneer and a leading company in the sector.
India | Manufacturer
In recent years we have gained sound experience in treating water for glass washing and manufacturing. With focused approach, in-depth knowledge and range of water filtration systems, the company is prepared to meet any unique demand of water treatment within glass industry business.
Germany | Manufacturer
Bohle manufactures and distributes more than 8000 different products for glass processing, picture framing, and more than 6000 additional art glass products.
United States | Distributor
Bohle America, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC, Bohle is family business, founded in 1923 in Germany with locations all over the world! Our product divisions include:Handling,Glass Cutting (manual and automatic),Glass Bonding, Glazing, Tools, Machinery, Fittings and Surface Technology.
Ireland | Manufacturer
Constantly evolving sector-defining equipment, a dynamic and innovative team, award-winning business management and an unrivalled dedication to giving each client a professional experience. These factors have made us the world's leading materials washing company.
Poland | Industry service
Initially, we developed in the bearing, aviation and defense industries. As a representative of STROH, REIME, ATLANTIC, our activities are aimed at helping customers in choosing the right diamond and abrasive tools.
Italy | Manufacturer
The Dieffe designs, manufactures and installs plants for the treatment and recycling of water from the glass processing such as grinding, painting and all applications involving the use and recovery of waste water.
Spain | Manufacturer
At Filtraglass we manufacture water filtration systems for all types of glass industries, thus covering a wide sector including the optical and automotive industries and the transformation of flat glass in general.
United Kingdom | Distributor
FGS are specialist distributors and agents for flat glass machinery offering the best equipment and advice to suit every application.
Germany | Manufacturer
With our core competencies process water treatment and cooling lubricant treatment, we make an important contribution in protecting ournenvironment, in particular the existential and increasingly scarce water resources.
Canada | Trade agent
Since 1998, Marc Prevost Machinery Inc. supplies machines, parts, consumables, support and service to the glass processing market.
United States | Distributor
Matodi offers years of knowledgeable expertise in the flat glass machinery, tools and supplies industry. More than just another machine and tool supplier for the Flat Glass Industry, Team Matodi takes great pride in making sure that every one of our customers receives the best possible service.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd specialise in water treatment and process filtration. Consequently, Puretech Water Systems (UK) Ltd work across multiple sectors providing water processing solutions.
Italy | Manufacturer
Since 1994 the company started the production of decanting plants for the recycling of waste water coming from glass, marble and granite processing.
Spain | Industry service
VITROSEP was founded on 1992 with the aim of offering solutions for the water treatment in the glass and optical industries.