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Italy | Manufacturer
The young and dynamic company manufactures glass laminating kilns, bending kilns and chemical tempering plants. The Calvi family, owner of the company, has already long experience in the glass industry, the base from which they are developing and increasing innovations.
Spain | Manufacturer
Founded in 1911 and managed by the fourth generation of the Pujol family. It centres its activity on the manufacture of ovens and machinery primarily for the glass, ceramics, metallurgical, and chemical sectors.
United States | Distributor
Glass supply specialists, featuring Simax® glass, Glass Alchemy, Northstar, Torches, Kilns, and Lathes. Also providing superior CBS dichroic glass sales and etching services. Your one stop Glass Supply Wharehouse!
Turkey | Manufacturer
We supply bricks and shaped refractories, fused cast AZS and alumina for glass furnace, heat insulation Brick square edge tile refractory materials, castables, mortars, plastic refractories, high temperature blocks, Calcium Silicade Boards, AZS Zac Blocks, Jargal blocks, Zircon, Mullite, Andolosite, Silica, Zirmul and Insulation Bricks. We have…
Czechia | Manufacturer
Production of kiln for glass technologies - annealing, casting, fusing etc.
Greece | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of quality kilns for glass firing and ceramics.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of industrial ovens, dryers, kilns, furnaces and lehrs for the glass manufacturing industry.
Australia | Distributor
Ceramic, pottery and glass supplies including kilns, clays, glazes, kilns,bisque and tools.
United States | Distributor
Wholesale, retail glass blowing and lampworking supplies.
United States | Manufacturer
Over 50 yrs of experience in providing top of the line kiln products and superior customer service to domestic and global markets.
Canada | Distributor
We are a supplier of Art glass, tools and equipment, bead supplies and fusing supplies. We manufacture electric kilns and facilitate workshops.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Genuine handcrafted kiln fired fused Dichroic Glass Jewellery (Pendants/Earrings/Cufflinks/Bangles/Bracelets).
United States | Distributor
Manufacture of Glass Fusing Kilns.Complete Supplies for Fusing and slumping. The teaching center for glass fusing, blowing, painting, airbrushing, sandblasting, stained glass, lead and foil, paperweight, marbles, mosaic, silk-screening for glass
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Contemporary jewellery and fused glass art. Specialising in dichroic glass.
Canada | Distributor
Serving Canadians since 1967 we carry stained glass, supplies, tools, kilns, beadmaking and fusing supplies. Retail and wholesale, volume discount.