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China | Manufacturer
Ecod Specialties (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is a leading Benzoic ester plasticizer manufacturer of DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DPGDB), CAS:27138-31-4 and DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE(DEGDB), CAS:120-55-8 and other kinds of esters. Eco-friendly plasticizer to replace phthalate plasticizer DOP DINP,ect.
Israel | Manufacturer
With its innovative technologies, Dip-Tech has been providing cutting-edge solutions for architecture, interior design, automotive and appliances for over a decade.
Spain | Manufacturer
Leading technology to print the future. Hardware, software, inks, customer service and design support. Tecglass means all inclusive printing solutions.
United States | Manufacturer
Jayne Roy began her love for stained glass 20 + years ago. What began as a hobby in a home studio is now a hobby gone wild located in a commercial building, which is a welcoming environment for Jayne to share her passion with others.
Israel | Distributor
A worldwide leading company provides all glass physical and security integrated-solutions for most hazards (solar, burglary, bomb blasts, etc.). Professional installation of all its products.
United States | Manufacturer
Alsa Corporation is a coatings manufacturer based in Los Angeles. The company has now entered the field of glass coatings. The glass coatings pass 1000 hrs salt spray tests and can be custom color matched for you. Alsa also produces a Re-Silvering Spray kit.
Canada | Distributor
Buy do-it-yourself window film and tinting kits online for business, home and auto. Solar control, privacy, decorative frosts and patterns.
Greece | Manufacturer
Hand made crystall sculptures paints wax
United States | Manufacturer
At Blue Water Glass, we design, fabricate, weld, paint, polish, box and store the majority of our projects in-house. We design, engineer and install custom facades, storefronts, curtain wall, specialty doors and skylights.
United States | Manufacturer
Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a world's leading manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks as well as primers and industrial coatings. Our inks offer value and solutions to the promotional, aerospace, automotive, medical, textile, and industrial printing industries world wide.
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
Commerical glass paint solution for back painted glass.
Italy | Manufacturer
Lead oxide for glass, paint, ceramic and battery sector.
United States | Manufacturer
Dakotaland Autoglass, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of Automotive Replacement Glass, Paint, Equipment and related supplies in the Midwest, with 16 locations serving 6 states along with being a leader in Autoglass Repair and Replacement.
China | Manufacturer
Seto specialized in manufacturing all kinds of resin lens.
United Kingdom | Industry service
Window tinting service based in Leeds, west Yorkshire.