Glass Curving
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Turkey | Manufacturer
Glass bending production, convex or concave glass, furniture glass, architectural glass, bending tempering glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
PVCu profile bending company, specialising in arched windows and door, formed from full lengths of profile, i.e. no butt welds or polishing.
Italy | Industry service
Technical consulting.
Germany | Manufacturer
*high-quality refined technical glass used in PC and TV displays, navigation systems, medical devices or in industry automation *competencies: CNC processing, screen printing, thermal tempering or chemical strengthening, safety glass, lamination, bending, etching, bonding or assembling
Indonesia | Manufacturer
Integrated Building Systems which include Kitchen System, Electrical Sockets, Sanitary Ware, PVC windows and Glass Processing
United States | Manufacturer
Burnham & LaRoche Associates was formed to bring together the talents and resources of two of the oldest and most distinguished stained glass studios in the United States.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Camglass is professional glass manufacturer in Turkey , istanbul . Camglass has been providing Tempered glass(includes curved glass) , Laminated glass , Printed glass.
United States | Manufacturer
For over 40 years Casso-Solar has been providing gas and electric Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces and process lines to the Glass industry.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
Established more than 25 years, design and manufacture of engineering systems for the glass industry. Packaging, storage, tempering, bending and equipment.
Australia | Manufacturer
Craftek Kilns & Furnaces design and manufacture a range of gas & electric glass forming and annealing kilns.Craftek also designs specialised furnaces to customer requirements.
Tunisia | Manufacturer
We supply glass for building, we do work on glass: edging, tempering, laminated glass, glass bending,
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Design, manufacture and install decorative architectural glass.
Lebanon | Manufacturer
Producer of bending and fusing kilns. Re-seller of glass processing products and dealer of 2nd hand in-shop renovated machineries with warrantee; mailnly Bavelloni type
Russia | Manufacturer
We produce bending furnaces with high productivity and equipment for bending and tempering.
Germany | Manufacturer
Mirror, photovoltaic, solar thermal systems and safety glass production.