Liquid crystal glass

Liquid crystal glass
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Croatia | Manufacturer
Formator manufactures tempered glass and laminated glass for special applications. Glass for marine applications. Glass with SGP foil.
United States | Industry service
Structural glass engineering, fabrication, supply and installation.
Germany | Distributor
We are the Distributor of EVASAFE for the countries germany, austria, switzerland and the benelux-states.
United States | Manufacturer
manufacturer of switchable film, used in glass lamination to produce electrically-operated privacy glass. high-speed low-haze. made in california.
| Manufacturer
Produce electricified Privacy Glass, electricified privacy film(PALC), US/Korean Patent holder.
Spain | Manufacturer
Dream Glass Group (DGG) is a global leader in manufacture, supply and installation of privacy glass technology (also known as intelligent glass, smart glass, switchable glass and electric glass).
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer: doors, fabricated glass, architectural metals, custom mirror & antique finishes, plastics, hi-tech products, liquid crystal switch-able glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
ESG is one of the UK's leading independent glass processors, providing the market with a comprehensive range of standard and highly technical glass products and services, developed through extensive research, development and testing.
Netherlands | Manufacturer
eyrise® is producer of dynamic liquid crystal windows for solar shading and liquid crystal privacy windows. We offer color neutral and fast switching architecture glass in various sizes and shapes. eyrise® is a brand of Merck Darmstadt, Germany, the largest producer of liquid crystals in the world.
Israel | Other
Gauzy is a vendor of material science and globally recognized leader in the development of LCG® (Light Control Glass) such as Liquid Crystal and SPD Films. These technologies can either be laminated into, or retrofitted onto, transparent materials such as glass.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
MagicGlas switchable glass and MagicGlas SRT self-tinting thermochromic glass
United Arab Emirates | Manufacturer
The products of Glass Inox are divided into 2 categories: Intelligent Glass and Decorative Glass. See more info on our website.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Specialists in oversize glass solutions.
China | Manufacturer
We are business in EVA film and PDLC switchable film(glass) in China since 2007. we currently have 3 production lines of EVA film and 2 production lines for the smart switchable film production, And with 2 sets of EVA lamination line, maximum width of the PDLC film is 1.8M. With extra clear PDLC .
China | Manufacturer
We(PdlcGlass) are a professional solution provider and manufacturer of Switchable PDLC Glass and PDLC smart film. Our team set foot in the field of Pdlc (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass as early in the year 2009.
Australia | Manufacturer
Leading Technology developer and supplier of switchable glass films including liquid crystal and spd technology. Supplying to many glass laminators in the Globe through licensing.