Tools for glass processing

Tools for glass processing
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United States | Distributor
Bohle America, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC, Bohle is family business, founded in 1923 in Germany with locations all over the world! Our product divisions include: Handling Glass Cutting (manual and automatic) Glass Bonding Glazing, Tools Machinery Fittings and Surface Technology
Italy | Other
A.ArchiVet produces and trades portable drilling machines, lifters, glasscutters, cerium and aluminium oxide for glaziers and the glass field in general
United Kingdom | Distributor
Distributor of vacuum bagging process materials worldwide for laminated and bent glass. Specialists in re-usable vacuum systems for laminated and bent glass.
Iran | Trade agent
We export high quality Persian silica sand extracted from mines in Iran directly to glass manufacturers all over the globe.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufactures of vacuum bagging materials in USA, Luxembourg and U.K. for laminated and bent glassproduction.
United States | Manufacturer
AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging provides end to end electronic packaging solutions for harsh environments and reliability sensitive applications.
Spain | Distributor
Spanish company dedicated since more than 37 years ago to sell all kind of tools and accesories for the flat glass.
Germany | Manufacturer
Machines, tools and accessories for glass and mirror processing and handling. Gallery rails and framing equipment.
China | Manufacturer
cerium oxide polishing powder, spare parts for Bavelloni CR1111, PR88, GEMY, MAX80, TM4, Glass machinery accessories, diamond wheel, resin wheel, polishing wheel for glass processing, Glass cutter, cork sticker, diamond hand pad, sanding belt, spare part Rubber plate, back plate, timing belt, drill
Germany | Manufacturer
Bohle manufactures and distributes more than 8000 different products for glass processing, picture framing, and more than 6000 additional art glass products.
United States | Distributor
Family owned and operated, Bradstreet Glass provides stained glass sheets and glass art supplies at affordably competitive prices, with exceptional customer service. Bradstreet Glass was created and is maintained by stained glass artists.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of traditional black bench felts, automatic cutting table felts and polishing wheels for bevelling operations.
United States | Other
The only patented pivot tip longknife.
Italy | Distributor
We operate in flat glass world through many years as distributorand manufacturer of products, toolsand machineries for artistic and industrial glass.
China | Manufacturer
Producing synthetic spiral polishing wheels and trading other products, such as UV adhesive, UV lamp and cutting tools, etc.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Glass processing machinery.