Milky Vision Triple Glazed Insulated Unit

In a Glass Facade Installation (narrow frame Sliding door)  the glass panels show no clear look through optics. If you look from the inside to the outside realm. It has a slight milky/blurry appearance. Unfortunately it takes the desired effect of a somewhat clear vision.

The milkyness is "not" on the outside surfaces, therefore it ist not a cleaning nor a leaking insulated glass unit issue.

The glass composition as follows:

Float 6mm lowE (SGG Climalit)

White Glass/Diamant 4mm

Float 6mm lowE (SGG Climalit)


Does anyone may have an explanation for this technical defect?

Perhaps an error on the wahsing machine cleaning of the panels during fabricaton or due to washing of the white glass?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 




Roby Englaro
Sat, 20/08/2022 - 10:36

Hi Monica,

The glass I suppose is tempered. Maybe is a problem with the white haze, which occour during tempering...

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