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| There are parts of the window inside the glass that play a crucial role in its performance.
| Today, when energy efficiency is more important than ever, it’s a good time to speak about insulating glass spacers.
| The need for higher transparency in façades has led to the development of jumbosized glass. Until now, the almost jointless appearance of large-scale glazing could only be reached with laminated safety glass.
| Condensation, and in very cold scenarios, ice can form on the external pane of some modern glass units.
| Insulating glass desiccants with different components give quiet disparate quality performances.
| Fenzi S.P.A. improves the resistance of the Thiover line
| The energy loss associated with glass is a major concern for designers and owners. Heat loss in winter and overheating in summer represent a major portion of the heating and air-conditioning (AC) load, contributing significantly to the cost of…