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Glas Trösch Holding AG | Switzerland | Manufacturer
In balcony glazing, conservatories or entire glass façades, our special glass consistently reduces bird impact.
Qingdao REXI Industries Co., Ltd | China | Manufacturer
REXI Bird Safe Glass is a glass friendly to birds which offers an innovative solution to the critical issue of bird-window collisions. Utilizing carefully crafted dot and linear patterns on the exterior surface, REXI Bird Safe Ceramic Frit Glass provide a visible warning to birds, effectively reducing the risk of collisions with glass.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
ceribird is a bird-friendly laser-structured glass, produced on laser machines from cericom.
Guardian Glass North America | United States | Manufacturer
The expanding Guardian Bird1st™ offering is a work of innovation, and the clear answer when seeking high performance glazing that does its part to help protect birds.