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Walker Glass Company Ltd. | Canada | Manufacturer
The AviProtek® E bird friendly glass solution combines acid-etched visual markers on the 1st surface with Vitro’s Solarban® high performance low-e on the 2nd surface, creating the most effective bird friendly glazing solution while saving energy at the same time!
SEVASA | Spain | Manufacturer
Market's widest range of certified non-slip glass. The highest slip resistance safety, even for outdoor wet ramps, with durable elegance.
SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS | France | Manufacturer
Revolutionary and unique temporary surface protection developed and offered exclusively by Saint-Gobain to get the best out of to-be-tempered coated glass.
SEVASA | Spain | Manufacturer
Introducing Graduel-H, the glass with gradual opacity, now in a more profitable and economical format: the gradient runs parallel to the sheet's short side, resulting also in wider pieces.
SEVASA | Spain | Manufacturer
New anti-glare glass line for see-through façades/windows; or for digital printing and laminates with marble, stone, wood… World's unique and available up to XXl oversize 9 meters long (354 in).
SEVASA | Spain | Manufacturer
The new etched and engraved glass collection with linear patterns.