A wide product range makes MACOTEC You cutting partner

MACOTEC, a specialist leading company for the manufacturing of automatic cutting plants always known for the quality and reliability of its products, today can be identified for the high level of innovation brought by its new machines both in the laminated and monolithic glass field.

In VITRUM you will will see how the new MACOTEC’s products solve most of the problems customers are facing today using the machines offered by the present technology. A wide product range that makes MACOTEC “You cutting partner”

STRATO Advance & Active

These new tables use the very well tested Macotec’s technology for the laminated glass processing, worldwide known, but thanks to new ideas and small modifications, can now overcome most of the limits imposed by the present technology reaching results unbelievable till today.

Money saving: the automatic trimming has been reduced to the minimum and very close to “zero” in order to minimize glass scraps.

High automation: beside the full automatic cutting cycle, the sheet squaring is automatic and can be “up-to zero” so to grant the ideal conditions for low-e removal even along the edge

Very comfortable working: the control box, together with the video and keyboard, can be completely turned so to be adjusted according to operator’s position

Interactive graphic controls: all data and machine’s controls can be managed simply and easily through a specific graphic toolbar which has been designed by Macotec purposely for laminated glass cutting for a very friendly-use

Performances: thanks to an innovative heating system, more powerful than what the present market can offer, performances have been increased both in cycle time and glass thickness

Low-e capability: all clamping system is anti-friction and has been built with a special non-marking rubber. In order to reach the best performance, a peripheral grinding wheel is available

Nothing more correct than saying “built around yourself”

Cut Star

Cut Star can be defined as the brand name of excellent performances and high quality level of mechanic:

Powerful brushless motors: long life and performances

Tempered and ground racks: long life, speed and accuracy

Aluminium cutting bridge: light and sturdy for spees and precision

Quick shut-off valve: to make faster the sheet positioning

Two pedal controls for each working position: to make your job comfortable

High quality thick felt: long life, no glass scratch, easy cleaning

But Macotec has been able to improve it again with some very interesting innovation:

Higher performances: double pinions and rack system for excellent results on high thickness and speed

Automatic sheet squaring: to be able to position the glass wherever you need

Automatic size check: to avoid any risk of human mistakes

Automatic integrity check: to check that sheet has no damaged along its edges

Interactive graphic controls: all data and machine’s controls can be managed simply and easily through a specific graphic toolbar which has been designed by Macotec purposely for float glass cutting

The “five stars” cut to excel…

Combined line (float and laminated)

MACOTEC takes care about customers who have space problems but need to process both monolithic and laminated glass on one single machine. In order to satisfy this need, a new generation of combined line for jumbo sheets can be offered now besides the well known and market-appreciated Twin Cut which is suitable for half-size sheets formats. This line, which is offered with a high automation level, is the best combination the new Cut Star and Strato Advance which can grant the following main benefits:

Automatic sheet squaring: it reduces cycle time and increases productivity

Automatic sheet movement: it makes operator work more comfortably

Multifunctional line: the combination of tilting plane, belts and breaking bars allows the greatest flexibility and gives the possibility to upgrade the line with an automatic loader whenever you want

Small pieces movement: special non marking rollers grant the smoothest automatic movement even of the smallest pieces

Besides the above mentioned benefits, machines offer all the amazing advantages of Strato and Cut Star series (see above)

Once more MACOTEC, your cutting partner

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