Vitrealspecchi at Vitrum 2007

Vitrealspecchi, the leading maker of acid etched float glass in Italy, attracted the attention of visitors with new products that exalt the properties of this extraordinary material: the purity, transparency and ductility of its surfaces.

Its functions in terms of light and its potential as a material in general are enriched and offer the prospect of interesting new applications in interior and exterior architecture.

New! Anti-slip surfaces from the Madras® Flooring collection.

The latest anti-slip surfaces are Madras®. Ideal for high visual-impact flooring and stairs, it combines the unique aesthetic qualities of glass with exclusive performance characteristics certified to international standards. It offers a generous range of textures with varying patterns for use in large or confined spaces, all showing exquisite combinations of engraving and relief and roughness and transparency providing safe grip whether dry or wet. Madras® Flooring can be strengthened and laminated, which is indispensable in glass for walking surfaces. Because of its performance characteristics and unique aesthetic properties, Madras® Flooring was used, in a special extra-clear version, for the spectacular glass stairway in the Soho Apple Store in New York, and in a differently textured version in the breathtaking cobalt blue suspended walkway in Seattle’s New City Hall, designed by James Carpenter Associates.

Technical characteristics

- Madras® Flooring comes in standard size plates 2250 x 3210 mm, 8 mm thick, clear colour.

- It can be strengthened and laminated, which is indispensable in glass for walking surfaces.

- The range includes five models also available with a transparent finishing.

- All the models have anti-slip certification in line with the main international standards.



Transparent, textured or decorative: all the best doors wear Madras®.

A taste for decoration has resurfaced in the design of even the most avant-garde doors – all glass or with a metal frame – which owe much of their beauty to glass. Madras®, ever a raw material of excellence in the door and window segment, has enriched its range with some functionally new and very diversified solutions: from almost total transparency to various material textures designed to veil or reveal what lies beyond. Thicknesses are in step with design requirements: from 4 to 12 mm, for all sorts of door. The perfection of the processing, fruit of Vitrealspecchi’s long experience, gives the textures a superior fineness of quality that’s pleasing to the touch but resistant to fingerprints. It’s not surprising that some of the best brands in doors and windows choose Madras®.

Technical characteristics

- Base product: single plate of float glass, UNI EN 572-1,2 standard; laminated float glass, UNI EN 12543: 2000 standard.

- Plate sizes: 321 x 180/225 cm.

- Thicknesses: those commonly used in the door and window industry, both single pane and laminated.

- Processing: depending on base product used.

- Single pane: basic processing (cutting, grinding, drilling), laminating, tempering, painting, etc.

- Laminated: basic processing (cutting, grinding, drilling), painting, etc.

- Cleaning: facilitated by the fineness of the finishing; all Madras® products should be cleaned with water and a glass detergent.

Silvermadras® adorns the most exquisite interiors.

Refined and sophisticated are the new Madras collections created for coating of various surfaces in all silver shadings and also in the trendiest colours. Private and public places will get preciousness with originality. The perfect covering of new Madras® collections is ideal for walls and furniture in the home, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants: tables, doors, shelves, reception desks, etc.

Technical characteristics

Silvermadras® is made:

• from ecological (i.e. lead-free) silvered glass float in conformity with UNI EN 1036: 2001 standards;

• it is available in sheets, size 225 x 321 cm;

• thickness: 4 - 6 mm.

600450 Vitrealspecchi at Vitrum 2007
Date: 11 October 2007

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