Vitrealspecchi at Bau 2013

Date: 20 December 2012
Source: Vitrealspecchi spa
MESSE MÜNCHEN FROM 14 TO 19 JANUARY 2013HALL C2 / STAND 526At Bau 2013, from 14 to 19 January at the München Trade Fair, Vitrealspecchi will be presenting Nuvola, the progressive satin-finish glass for Architecture and Design.

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Bau is an event of prime importance for the entire building industry in Germany and has undeniable international resonance too, attracting professionals from all over the world. And not only: Bau offers a broad showcase of the state of the art in research into innovative construction techniques and materials.

In this context, Vitrealspecchi is one of the main operators in the Glass hall. It has over 70 years of industrial activity behind it, over 40 of which exclusively dedicated to the etching of float glass under the Madras® brand. All of which is reflected in the elegance of the stand, the quality of the products on display (for applications ranging across construction, doors and interior design) and the innovation content of its new solutions.


The focus is on a new development that’s already enjoying international consensus, Madras® Nuvola, the transparent glass with a progressive satin finish for partition walls, shower boxes, all-glass doors and even parapets. Its peerless aesthetic refinement answers contemporary architecture and design’s demand for visual delicacy. Produced by a special chemical process, the satin finish very gradually thins out towards the completely transparent part of the glass, so that vision is effectively screened only where necessary. Long life – because the base material is always and only pure glass – and simplicity of installation and maintenance are ensured.


Vitrealspecchi is dedicating increasing attention to all-glass doors, now the solution of choice because of their ease of installation and immediate effect also in the home, and has new products of high decorative impact:

• Fili Smalto: a note of vibrant enamel colouring – which is UV and scratch resistant – is added to an already very successful model (Fili) characterized by gigantic, sinuous, stylized blades of grass (designer: Ivo Pellegri).

• Barocco Maté: against a compact and pleasingly matte satin finish, a thin, transparent line traces ample volutes to reinterpret the classical in a contemporary key (designer: Francesco Bettoni).

• Movie: this goes beyond the concept of satin finish with tiny squares in fluid progression along parallel verticals creating an optical effect that gives the glass a dynamic look.

• Wengé Maté, double face: a perfectly smooth finish on both sides of the glass makes doors easier to manufacture and install. Its texture is produced by irregular lines, alternating between opaque and transparent, staggered on either side to create a sophisticated moiré effect.


The new glass in this sector is Ecosat No-Scratch: its finely textured, sparkling surface has certified high resistance to scratches and stains. Already a success in the furniture industry for high-end tables and kitchen and bathroom tops, it now for the first time comes also on a monolithic float base that’s grey, the colour of preference for interior design. Nice to touch, resistant and easy to clean, this will certainly find new applications in this sector.


Well known and appreciated by the trade for its performance characteristics, practical virtues and marked aesthetic impact, the Madras® Flooring line of anti-slip products offers various new possibilities depending on the laminate and/or lighting used, as seen in the following:

• high impact prototype stairway with steps made with 8 mm, extraclear black Madras® Pixel Flooring Transparent  between two 8 mm float glass plates and a 0.38 mm black PVB film. Each step is backlit by a row of leds on the long side. The finish to the glass (transparent and therefore highly lustrous) together with the black PVB film produces a very striking result that will also find application in settings that require visual impact and public places such as bars, restaurants, shops and so on.

• Alluring and hypnotic, the long walkway is made of 10 mm Madras® Pixel Flooring  laminated with clear mirror glass and lit with lateral leds.


Brilliant plain whites and blacks graced by dynamic yet discreet mini-pattern or maxi-décor satin-finish designs of subtle elegance. The new Madras® lacquered glass products by Vitrealspecchi have strong appeal for professional users because of their design, ease of maintenance, optimal quality/price ratio but also, and no less importantly, because they can be personalized by choosing the colour of the non-lacquered base glass.

These characteristics make them ideal for a very wide range of applications, from interior decoration projects (for example, for public amenities such as shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) and batch production for furnishing and bathrooms (furniture, walk-in wardrobes, kitchens, accessories, etc.). Other important considerations include large plate size (2250 x 3210 mm) and the lacquer’s resistance to humidity (guaranteed by the manufacturer of the lacquered base glass, Lacobel®), making this Madras® line a highly attractive alternative to traditional tiles for covering bathroom and kitchen walls.

For further information contact:

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600450 Vitrealspecchi at Bau 2013
Date: 20 December 2012
Source: Vitrealspecchi spa

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