Vesuvius - A complete range of refractories for the glass industry

Date: 4 November 2004
Source: Vesuvius
Hall 13 / Stand D18Hall 13 / Stand E17Zyarock® for float applicationsVesuvius is since long time, recognised by all major glass companies as highest quality supplier for tweels for glass flow control in float application.

Over the years, in collaboration with its customers Vesuvius has developed a variety of speciality applications in float and flat glass industry of Zyarock® products such as: flat arches, front wall blocks and toes, back wall shapes and big walls for furnace atmosphere separation. Vesuvius owns specific manufacturing processes that enable to produce very large Zyarock® shapes in one piece for easier use and installation.

Vesuvius offers to glass companies a “unique” R&D team fully dedicated to Zyarock® products for material and application development as well as engineering support.

Some years ago, Vesuvius has introduced to the flat glass industry the use of Zyarock® Ceramic rolls in Lift-Out and Lehr rolls. It has built over this period an extensive customer reference list in these applications and more specifically for new high performance glass qualities lately developed such as FDP (Flat Display Panel).

Vesuvius supplies rolls for lehr and lift-out either with full ceramic rolls with glued metal caps for more cost effectiveness, or with metal shaft and ceramic sleeves as per photo hereunder for use in difficult mechanical conditions.

Zyarock® for Photovoltaic Industry

Come and see on our booth, the largest ever produced Zyarock® crucible for the PV Industry!

A Key component for the mass production of silicon ingots is the availability of large ceramic crucibles in which the ingots are produced.

Vesuvius started working on ceramic crucibles at the beginning of the 1990s. Zyarock® solar crucibles were developed providing a first class source of high quality products for the PV Industry.

As the PV market expanded, Vesuvius has developed a unique process to produce these complex ceramic parts on a commercial scale.

Zyarock® solar crucibles are now manufactured in several facilities throughout the world. This ensures a continuous source of reliable products for the PV industry.

Developing the future together requires continuous improvements and innovations. Because everyone has different visions and different objectives, Vesuvius provides solutions that help yu in reaching your goals.

A new Monofrax Service for The Float Industry
Lip & Spout Pre-Package d Casing

Vesuvius Monofrax, the world leader in fusion cast alpha-beta alumina production, will join with other Vesuvius Glass companies to bring a world-class, value added product to the float industry.

Alpha beta alumina (Monofrax M), along with sillimanite (Silidur 60MB) and fused silica (Zyarock), as well as others, are incorporated into a precision metallic casing and assembled by experienced technicians

The introduction of this new service also contributes to maintaining a competitive environment within this market niche, giving our valued customers the option of maintaining their own standard procedures or switching to this turn-key solution, without losing the freedom to buy competitively their preferred refractories.

Customized Lip & Spout configuration and casing solutions will be defined through a technical collaboration between float makers and Vesuvius Monofrax dedicated customer service staff in Falconer, NY USA.

600450 Vesuvius - A complete range of refractories for the glass industry

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