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| HST by Mappi is the ideal partner for the furnaces of the Fox and ATS 4.0 series.
| The new site is online: a complete platform dedicated to the safety glass industry, from the production of EVA film to machines for the glass industry. All-round Italian quality. On the site, the first e-commerce of the sector.
| Southern California-Based Fabricator Acquires NWI Assets from Central Glass Co., Ltd.
| An all-time great, heat-treated for player and fan safety.
| The Satinal Group officially presents the new STRATO ™ brand, a line of EVA-based interlayers produced in Italy at the Satinal Spa plant.
| Internationalization demands change and progress. In order to lead this, Dr. Michael Kothe and his team are working permanently on the optimization of products and processes in the division research and development at Thiele Glas.
| MiGlass has invested in heat soaking capability for its Birmingham-based manufacturing facility.
| ESG Group Limited, the UK’s largest independent glass processor, have launched another first in the UK’s glass processing market.
| While toughened glass is much harder to break than annealed glass, when it does break it crumbles in its entirety into small, harmless pebbles.
| As an industry leader in the production and supply of glass, at Tufwell we are continually improving and investing in the technology and equipment we rely on.
| Overview of Heat Soak Glass: Tempering process increases the strength of glass many folds, offering a greater resistance to breakage.
| Kristal Maribor has become a member of the Securit Partner® group, one of the most important groups of producers of safety glass in Europe, which operates under the auspices of the glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass.