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| Kopp Glass, Inc. announces the launch of Kopp Glass Collectibles, an online store offering glass collectors the unique opportunity to purchase collectible glassware and limited edition decorative items direct from the Kopp factory.
| Jeannette Glass made collectible patterns including Floragold (Louisa), Harp, Dewdrop, Holiday, and Anniversary in the 1940s to 1970s.
| Depression glass is best known for its colors - green, pink, amber, blue. Fanciful mold etchings show their delicate beauty and geometric patterns jump to life in sunshine when the glass is crystal!When most of us think about depression glass the…
| An extraordinary and fragile Roman glass bowl, dating from circa AD 300, broke the world record price for a piece of glass sold at auction the evening of July 14 in London.
| An extensive and varied collection of antique glasses from Iran and other parts of the Middle East is on display at a museum in the central German city of Duesseldorf.