Stick to the Development Pulse of Glass Machinery Industry

Current Situation of Glass Machinery IndustryThe glass equipment industry has a high dependence on the international market.

And nowadays, building safety regulations in many countries have mandatory use of architectural glass, the high-rise buildings, and energy efficiency requirements for Low-e insulated safety glass demand will continue push the rise of glass machine and glass processing industry. Low-e glass production and processing equipment has become the focal point of the major glass equipment manufacturers, who wins in this battle, then who will win in the future. For example, the proportion of the total sales of the major European producing countries export glass machinery is generally more than 70%, glass professional exhibition becomes one of the effective marketing channels. At the moment,glass machine equipment industry is participating actively in the major glass machinery exhibitions.

Focus and Direction of Glass Machinery Deep Processing

In the two applications for construction and automotive fields, glass products as a base material, increasingly play more roles and further diversification to function, light weight and the development of complex shapes. Bring more opportunities and challenges for glass production and processing equipment. Currently, the development trend of the world glass processing equipment is the flexible production process and multifunctional production equipments, the process having a high degree of repeatability, thus making the machining process more accurate. The device control realizes automation, ensures that no defect happens in high-temperature, high-speed and high-accuracy processing under glass, and to achieve the required dimensional tolerances. Automotive and architectural glass is reducing the thickness, the thin glass put forward higher demands for glass deep-processing equipment and processing technology. A lot of glass deep-processing enterprises are in improving the efficiency of the production line, integrating deep processing of various aspects of the production process. At the same time, the equipment assembled uses modular, and the glass edging machine devices and global information services system of manufacturers continuous to get improvement, and to provide rapid protection devices by real-time communication technology, all these have become the trend of the future development of glass deep processing equipment.

Great Potential of China Glass Machinery Industry

One tree does not make a forest, the shaping of the Chinese glass machinery brands need to put in more efforts. This needs to be led by industry associations, by export enterprise support, through the formal channels of commercial publicity and public relations. And at the external, we have to establish the brand image of the "China Glass Machinery”. Glass deep processing industry good prospects for development will remain a high-speed source for the development. It is estimated that glass machinery manufacturing industry in China is expected to achieve the annual growth of about 30% of the automotive and architectural laminated safety glass demand in 2011-2013, which means that, glass machinery industry in China has huge development potential, the stamina is enough. is a manufacturer of world-advanced glass deep processing equipment, with independent capability of design and R & D. In 2000, we established a subsidiary - Jingshan Glass Technology Company Limited, specializing in design, manufacturing and service of tempering apparatus. If you are interested in our products, welcome to visit our website for more details!

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