Standards Will Be Developed for the Glass Industry Raw Materials

"StekloSouz Russia" held a conference on "Problems of quality raw materials." Issues of quality raw materials for glass industry took an important component for the successful development of the industry.

As you know, glass factories conduct a large-scale modernization of the plants. However, the raw material behind the times.

Directly affect the longevity of the furnaces, machinery and equipment. Substandard material adverse effect on the use of energy resources, increasing their costs.

Presentations were made by the technical directors and managers of glassworks factories of raw materials. An important warning for suppliers of raw materials came the words in the report of the Technical Director of "Salavatsteklo" Litvin, Vladimir Ivanovich, who said that given the challenges faced by plants with suppliers of raw materials, developed by specialists on the quality of regulatory requirements. Producers of raw materials can be read with the required parameters in the case of conformity to the declared parameters can discuss ways of further cooperation.

Many questions rose on improving the quality of raw materials, the manufacture of glass and its products. Leading specialist of the company, "Brooker" Vasily N. Appliance suggested the use of analytical instruments to ensure glass production.

The conference was made by Victor I. Osipov, president of "StekloSouz Russia", in particular, he said that the need to develop industry standards for manufacturers of raw materials. The use of non-conforming products is an economic hindrance to solving the problems before the glass factories, directly affects the competitiveness of enterprises, leading to more expensive glass products. These facts are not allowed in the era of globalization of the economy, a sharp increase in competition in the glass industry.

The participants of the conference was a decision: to instruct "StekloSouz Russia" to develop industry standards for manufacturers of raw materials.

600450 Standards Will Be Developed for the Glass Industry Raw Materials

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