Sparkling success for clearshield

Date: 31 August 2010
Source: Ritec International Ltd
Ritec’s ClearShield® durable glass surface protection System is ensuring that the glazed façade of a diamond retailer in Budapest stays sparkling like the gems inside the prestigious store.

Local glass construction specialist, Alba Brothers, designed and installed the glass for the new jewellers in the heart of Hungary’s capital city. As licensed applicators, Alba used the ClearShield® System to upgrade glass surfaces to make them 'non-stick' and easy to clean, so they stay looking like new for longer and with significantly less maintenance.

The project demonstrates  the System’s versatility for application onto internal and external glass both in the factory or in-situ to glass already installed. Sandblasted surfaces and deep sandblasted logos on the glass door were upgraded to ClearShield Low-M® (Low-Maintenance) Glass in Alba Brothers’ factory before being installed. The existing store’s glass entrance portal was upgraded to ClearShield Low-M® Glass in-situ following a specialist renovation process. Glass cabinets inside the store were also upgraded in-situ to provide an effective barrier against unsightly fingermarks from frequent handling by staff and customers, and keep the glass quick and easier to clean. For a diamond retailer, the appearance inside and outside is important, and ClearShield Low-M® Glass helps maintain this.

The owner of the new diamond store is delighted with the results, says Zoltan Csizmadia of Alba Brothers: “Unprotected glass in his other outlets requires monthly maintenance, while the ClearShield Low-M Glass in the new store only needs cleaning every three months to keep it in pristine condition, which is a major saving in time and cost.”

ClearShield® glass surface protection is available for all the glass products in Alba’s Royal range, which includes shower enclosures, balustrades, canopies, doors, and stairways. The company always recommends to their customers to upgrade the ordinary glass to ClearShield Low-M® Glass and supplies the service as standard for glass shower doors and sandblasted glass. Zoltan Csizmadia comments: “It’s a must for sandblasted glass as the translucent surface is particularly susceptible to marking and very difficult to clean. ClearShield eliminates this problem and makes the glass easy to maintain, and also gives the glass an attractive silky finish.”

ClearShield’s proven performance in the field brings added value to all types of glass and glazing products, without lots of added costs, says Ritec’s International Sales & Marketing Manager, Serge Perkoff: “Alba Brothers is a prime example of how offering the benefits of ClearShield® can add value - and a premium price - to your products, and that’s a real business benefit, especially in the current economic climate.”

The ClearShield® System provides unique and fully-integrated low-maintenance solutions for glass renovation, protection and maintenance for all kinds of exterior and interior glass, including architectural glazing, residential windows, solar panels, conservatory roofs, and marine glass. For more information, including becoming a licensed ClearShield applicator and details of your local representative, visit

600450 Sparkling success for clearshield

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